Working on your Mindset!

Are you taking the time and effort to Invest in Yourself?

This applies to everyone, no matter what you do. To be able to successfully tackle your work or business requires the right Mindset.

MindsetYou are important, and contribute to the Health, Happiness, and Success of your Household. 

Your Brain needs to be exercised regularly, and needs to be focused on the Success you are developing, not trapped in the failures or challenges of the past.



Your Mindset is the established set of attitudes that you have about yourself.

No one can change this for You. You need to Change this.

Investing in yourself to help you learn the skills to change this Mindset into one of Success does not have to cost a lot of money. 



Read or Listen to Books: 

In my case, I love to read and am curious about learning new things. Due to the busy schedule I have, I enjoy listening to books as I drive to my various appointments and activities throughout the day. Or when I am sitting down writing a blog, I might listen to the narration of a book which I love to get my creative juices flowing.


AudibleSo, I installed this great application on my phone called Audible.  You can check it out, and also become a member by following this link. 

The books I download and listen to are providing me with the imagery and tools I need to alter my Mindset to focus on the goals and success that I have set for myself.

If you subscribe to my weekly blog, then you will receive my review of books that I recommend to help you work on your Mindset.


Right now I am listening to:  The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy.Psycho-Cybernetics

This is actually a fantastic book which helps you to test the Theater of your Mind and play out various scenarios to prepare you for meetings, presentations, and success in your business.  With tools to help you practice and understand that you do not have to bear any failures of the past, and that the barriers to your success is generally all in your Mindset.  With practice and understanding you can move past these barriers.

I highly recommend this to you as a great book to help you prepare yourself. If you wish to order this book for audible, click here. 


Attend Conferences or Trainings:

Master StrategiesThis can be in person, or webinars with Sales, Marketing, Social Media Experts, or Network Professionals to learn new skills, or spark an idea that you wish to use. These lead to supporting your Mindset for Success.

I have invested in these as well, and now am using my skills to help develop my team.  Plus I am sharing some of these with you through my blogs.

This is the current course that I am following now online. It is interactive and comes with work sessions. It is available online, feel free to check it out at this link, click here.

Working on improving my skills and knowledge makes me a better coach and mentor, as well as a more effective Network Professional. This has also resulted in attracting higher quality people into my business.  

These investments in yourself pay dividends only if you put what you learn into action.  

Let me know what you liked best....

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