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Have you ever felt that the company that you are working with no longer meets your needs or ambition? Is restructuring a frequent occurrence in your industry or position?  Have you ever felt like you were more than a number?Balance

I felt this way, and no longer wanted to have a COMPANY in control of my future.  I received an email from my company saying, CONGRATULATIONS on 20 YEARS with us, click to select your recognition.  Not a phone call.  I cried.  Not because I was excited, but to mourn the reality we are are part of.  I had worked with this same company, been loyal to them for 20 years, and I get a non-personalized email. 

LeadershipI built my NETWORKING skills over the 15 years that I have worked as a mobile banker.  Where the client and relationships that I was building had to be created and maintained outside of the financial institution.  I built this successfully to a 6 figure income.  

I do have my NETWORK.  I also have my BRAND.  I have my experience in finding and connecting people with solutions for their needs.  I have my experience from balancing work, with family, and a chronically ill spouse.  I have the knowledge that there is a real problem today in the market, and I have tools to help.



ConventionAbout 18 months ago I was introduced to a Company that have a group of products with scientific proof, and they provided a NATURAL solution.  Not some MAGICAL fruit.  Real science, discovered by impressive scientists, over 25 years of trial and error and research. Using a patented technology to help your body do what it is meant to do. These products are GAME CHANGERS.  And the business opportunity was not one that I could pass up.  

This opportunity was a perfect match for my PERSONAL WHY.  I now get to help people create their own residual income, and improved health.  I help to train my team and be part of their success. I get to do this internationally. 

These products gave my husband’s body the missing ingredients to significantly reduce the daily symptoms of his illness, and as such much less medication, and a better quality of life.  They have helped so many people that I know, and the new people I meet daily.  The quality of the products and tools are amazing, and so are the people I meet and work with.



I can work from home, or from anywhere.  I have control over my schedule and so can more easily manage my work and family schedule. Click the Learn More Here button to receive more details!

GrowEach of us is RESPONSIBLE for our DECISIONS.  We are also RESPONSIBLE for our ACTIONS.  

My DECISION is to help you find a solution, and to build the SKILLS necessary to be a SUCCESS.  I have put this into ACTION by training to become a NETWORKING PROFESSIONAL and by sharing these skills with people like you. 

If you feel that I can add value to your road to success from my experience, and want to learn more about the organization that I am working with, then you are in the right place!  You too can be successfully working from anywhere, making a full-time income, and obtaining your goals and dreams, with you in control.

I am looking for people with BIG DREAMS.  Who are excited to learn new SKILLS.  That feel they are ready to step up and have an IMPACT on their situation, and other people, with ACTION.  People with the passion and desire to create the FREEDOM from working 9 – 5 for someone else.  We work as a team, and help each other to obtain our individual dreams.   It is a life of FUN and FREEDOM.

I am excited to hear from you, and to be part of your success.  Together we will make a significant difference.

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