Me Tick

What Makes you Tick?

Why do we make the decisions we do?  This is what makes us tick. It has a massive impact on what you do, and how successful you will be.

Before you select what company you wish to work for, or which industry, you need to ask yourself some important questions.

  • What makes you get up in the morning?                                                     Tick
  • What values are important to you?
  • What is the next step after you do get the job?  
  • What is your goal? 
  • Why is this your goal?
  • What is your definition of success? 

A checklist, as you consider your options. This will help you select the best opportunity.

In my case, I knew that I wanted to help people in a significant way, to better their lives. I started with small jobs, like babysitting. I then moved on to a fast food restaurant, and eventually found my way to working with a Financial Institution, and now as a Networking Professional.  I admit, the fast food restaurant was due to a need for income, and flexibility, and did not really fit with my why, but I was 16. I kept moving towards what makes me tick. I now give people the information or tools they needed to be able to improve their situation, or obtain their goals. 

Is a 9 – 5 job a good fit for you? Is money what drives you? Do you see yourself moving up in the company or industry?

Now the first job you have, much like a first car or house, is to learn more about yourself.  And what you REALLY like, or not.  You may have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince.  Many people have to try many jobs, industries, or roles before they find a good fit.  Over time your life will change, but what makes you tick remains.

These experiences will teach you what skills you need to improve, to make you more valuable. 

You will be at your most successful when you find an answer for the above questions.  

Success TickIf this opportunity is something that you are good at, represents your values, and allows you the ability to obtain your goals, then go for it!  

That inner fire that you have, the ambition to share your passion, will help to propel you to success.  Each time that you meet with a prospective employer, client, or business partner, make sure that they see what makes you valuable.

You are selling yourself.  The product, company, or service is secondary.