What Inspires Me...

In this section I will share with you some of the things, and people, that inspire me daily. Reminders that I am having fun, dreaming big, and continuing to move towards my goals.

Feel Great about the Small Stuff

We get caught up in the complexities of our lives and often forget to enjoy the simple things.  The Book of Awesome reminds me of the small daily events that we often take for granted.  It is all about perspective, as what you get to enjoy is not available to everyone globally, and like a small child, celebrate all that is AWESOME, including YOU!

Meet the People Who Inspire You

If you get the chance, take the opportunity to meet your Hero.  To interact with them.  This person can be anyone.  I had the opportunity to meet one of My Heros this past September.  His 30 years of work has resulted in so much improvement to the health of so many.

Inspire People

You have influence over people.  The size and location of this network depends on you.  It may be co-workers, family, friends, or business partners.  We each have our various challenges.  Do not add to this burden.  Be the reason they smile.  That action is on them, but your attitude is on you.