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Tips for Selling Via Social Media

So, you have decided to sell your products or services through Social Media.  Social Networking

A study by Shareaholic, tracked 300,000 websites over four months, suggested that social-media referrals now lead to 30 percent of websites’ overall traffic.


Social NetworkSo, what should you do to use the power of Social Media to broaden your audience, and convert your Network into Customers or Partners?

To begin with you will need a plan.  You need to think out what your long term goal is, and what approach to Social Media will suit the long term goal.

Finding a way to be engaging and getting your network to buy from you can sometimes seem pushy and one sided.  But there is a way to make this work….

I recommend being yourself online.  You are looking to attract people like you to your business or as clients.  And when you decide to do this, be consistent on your Social Media.  


If you decide that Facebook is where you wish to start, then you will want to create a Business Page which is connected to your Personal Page.  Facebook

You can then decide if you will openly position your offer and business on this Business Page, or Brand yourself and use a different approach.  

I did this second option on my page on Facebook, and you can go to see this at:


On your Personal Page, be yourself.  Posting things which reflect your personality and liking things which you find interesting in your network.  Sharing posts where it reflects these values.  But, you do not wish to be over-active on this platform. So, post maybe a few times a day at most, and avoid hot button topics.


On your Business Page you will post with value content to your audience.  You will invite those you wish to Like this page to do just that.  And when you post certain content you may share this on your Personal Page.  I would recommend being consistent in your postings here as well, and stick to a routine.  Possibly posting 3 times per week, and on the same days.



In my case I took this further by setting up a Blog.  This is part of my Branding strategy, in addition to the businesses I work in.  This Blog allows me to share my tips and work so that my potential clients or partners can evaluate some of what I bring to the table, regardless of the organizations I work with.  Remember, people buy from people.


You will want a Twitter profile, and to post custom built content on a consistent basis.

You should consider other Social Media as well, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Google+, and YouTube, depending on the industry or market you are looking to approach, and develop a custom approach to each.  You should link your Social Media platforms together.

Social Media can include paid traffic as well.  And if you have a budget, you can jump start more views to your products or offers this way.  However you can also succeed through organically sharing with your network with interesting enough content to grow your network.  This does take more time.


SharingSo, use Social Media to grow your network.  Do not be afraid to be a little weird, as this will make your more interesting. We are all looking to fit and connect.  And we are all cheering to a victor, and would love to see our friends win.  If your network sees value in what you are offering, and it fits their need, they will trust and want to give you the business.  Do not be afraid to ask for it.  Keep it positive, and be yourself.  Success is around the corner.  

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