The Power of Your Why!

For Network Professionals, their why is a Powerful tool

Here are the Reasons:

  • It is what will motivate you to continue, even when you face challenges.
  • People are attracted to people they like, and your personal why will let them start to know you  better. 
  • Knowing you better will result in them getting to like and trust you.
  • This will help you to grow your network with people who want to work with you, because of why you do it, not what you do.

Finding your personal why is crucial to your future success, in network marketing, and in life.  It is what gets you up in the morning.

Here are some of the questions to ask yourself when peeling back the layers to discover your why:

  1. Why are you motivated by your values?
  2. Is it something you learned as a child? 
  3. Is it from a challenge that you faced and found a way to successfully emerge from? Now using this experience to improve the situation of others facing these same challenges?
  4. Is it something that you saw, that made you see things from a different perspective, and now you wish to share this with others?

Dig deep into your motivations.  Be honest with yourself.  

Then you need to find a brief way to express this personal why.  Keeping in mind that it will help you to connect with the person, or people that you are working with.  

This is my why:   Family why

As a small child, I grew up with my parents working for themselves at home.  They were able to participate in my activities, and to support me in the pursuit of my goals.  

My dream was to become someone who could support other people to achieve their goals, as they did for me.  I felt that helping people to be the best themselves would be a fantastic legacy to leave to the world.  

When I started my banking job 20 years ago, I did so with the excitement of being able to help people understand the opportunity before them.  

8 years ago my husband became ill, with an incurable chronic illness.  

When a friend of ours shared products which he felt would help, we took time to research, and jumped in.  

The desire of this person to share with us, inspires me every day.  His act gave me back my husband.  

Now I have the opportunity to give other people hope when they felt there was none, to give people ways to create income where I could only help shuffle around debts before.  I now have a much more significant impact on others than I had thought possible.  

In the training’s that I do with my team, we work on finding their why, and  practice to express this in less than 60 seconds. 

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