The Big Question: Are you Happy?

Truth time: Are you happy with the life you have today? Whether you are working or at home.  Where do you find yourself on Maslow’s Hierarchy?


I want to share the story of an incredible woman who is taking steps to achieve her self-fulfillment…

AnneAnne’s Dream

Anne had a Godmother who was a successful business woman, and she dreamed of becoming a leader in the Corporate world. A highly successful businesswoman was not on the list of most of her friends. Her eyes set on her goal, and her mind set on her plan, she took herself all the way to the top in her chosen field.  

She pushed herself to climb the ladder of success in the Corporate world and break through that often glass ceiling. She loved the thrill of accomplishment, the competition to get there, the view from on top, and the financial compensation (a comfortable 6 figures). 

Her knowledge and experience made her a sought out professional and the world was her oyster.

Fast forward many years, and Anne now spends a significant amount of her time split between her family in Canada, and a new life in Nigeria and Ghana in Western Africa.

  • What caused this shift?
  • Why give up your dream, accomplishments, routine, and job title?

MaslowWhy wasn’t this enough?

Anne had became conflicted.

Why did she not feel fulfilled?

Something was missing. 

Someone approached her with a Networking Business opportunity with products that were changing lives. She was not looking for a change, but something about it caught her eye, and after doing her due diligence, she decided she was up for a new challenge. It was a new Mountain to Climb. Maybe this would be her something missing.

CoursesDeciding to Invest in Herself

Anne quickly realized that this new world was very different. She decided to invest her time and energy to learn more about how to work effectively within this new business model. She attended workshops with people such as Eric Worre. Read books and participated in courses.  

This deepened her resolve and determination.

She was changing. The gap between these two worlds widened.

The impact she was having on people’s health and finances became much more fulfilling than the career she had built over more than 20 years. So, she cut back to part-time in her Corporate world. These changes also opened up more time for her family.  She was also starting to find financial success, but as a competitor not satisfied with a little, she wanted more…

She had become close with her partners in her new Networking world, and a few of them were leaving for Western Africa, where the organization was opening up a new market.

What to do…


Something about going to Africa felt right.  

AnneOver the first few weeks, Anne saw and experienced first hand what a difference she was making. It felt significant in a way her daily life in the Corporate world did not.

Upon her return to her home and Corporate world, she began to realize that she was resentful of the time she was spending doing something that mean so much less to her than the fulfillment she experienced in her Networking world.  

AnneAnne’s Life Today

She made the decision to break free from her security net in the Corporate world and to focus on the differences she was making with her Networking world.


aNNEAnne loves to inspire, mentor, and coach others to take control over their health and finances.  To help them create opportunities for others, and not be defined by their geographical, financial, or educational situations.  This is both emotionally, and financially fulfilling.   Like a lot of people working in this industry, the potential for more than a 6 figure income is a possibility, and Anne is more than up for that challenge.  Helping others and having such a significant financial success at the same time as doing it from anywhere in the world, with the flexibility to spend time with her family is priceless.  


AnneAnne had never envisioned that her path to the top in the search of Happiness and Self-Fulfillment would take her in this direction. She never imagined how this journey would change her life and perspective.  

Anne is taking Charge and not settling.  Would you walk away to seek your potential?


Where are you on this hierarchy? What actions are you taking to feel fulfilled?  

Like Anne, my 6 figure income was comfortable, but did not make me happy. Though travelling to Africa has not been part of my journey, we both are changing lives all over the world, and have found a balance, and a passion for what we do far beyond what our Corporate world gave us.  Working towards our Top of the pyramid, and achieving financial and balance success on our own terms.

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