So, you were curious and wanted to learn more about this miraculous protein molecule.  I needed to understand it more too!  

When your body produces enough of this to keep its levels above a critical line, it is far less vulnerable to over 300 known illnesses, including 74 Families of serious illnesses.  See a list from Dec. 2015, pulled from PubMed.  It is a US Database for research published globally.


Low levels of this molecule will not guarantee that you will become sick, but it increases the probability dramatically.  There are many factors being studied which cause all of our illnesses, but we do know that there is a low level of Glutathione noted in all of these illnesses, and when we look at the role Glutathione plays in your body we know why.

The products we take, and sell, were created based on over 25 years of clinical research funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH), and the Veteran’s Association (VA), as well as Universities.  These products do not contain Glutathione.  They do contain the missing ingredients for your cells to produce their own Glutathione.  And then the body does amazing things with this tool which you need every day. These are only available with our organization, and are patent protected.


There are synthetic products in the market that claim to increase Glutathione, but they are derived from genetically modified corn.  Studies have proven that the effect of these actually decreases your own Glutathione as your cells fight this invader.  And most of what you take does not have any measurable effect.  There is IV Glutatione, also derived from corn, which is expensive, and used by doctors.  It has a small effect, and works for about 4 – 6 days, depending on your physiology.  It is expensive.  

To date, the most effective Glutathione is what is produced and living in your own body.  Our products are scientifically proven and measured to help your body produce its own Glutathione by up to 300% over any other product in the market.  



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