Risk vs. Return – Part 1

Belief that you will succeed can drive you to the top!

What if…

  • el salvadorYou were born into a country with few options and at war.
  • You did not Graduate from University.

What would your chances be to succeed?

What if…

  • You were born into a country at peace, with opportunity and jobs abundant.
  • You had spent the time and money to get a University and event Post graduate degree.

Which has better odds?

One has a 9 – 5 Mentality and the other has an Entrepreneurial Mindset.

I enjoy sharing stories about my partners, and people who inspire me, and this is an incredible partner in my organization.

AlexAlex was born in El Salvador in 1971

Ricardo, his father, had learned from a successful businessman from Nicaragua that ‘Economic Freedom would not be found in a 9 – 5 job.’  So, he became a businessman, and with his partners grew a successful business.



In 1980 they left El Salvador due to the Civil War, and Ricardo opened a branch of his business in the US.

He told his children regularly that ‘To be Successful you have to Work for Yourself’.

In El Salvador today the minimum wage is 250$ USD per month, if you work for someone else.  Though you can make more if you find the right opportunity. Most work more than 1 job to provide for their family.



Alex completed High School, and went on to College.  But after 1 term he realized that this was not going to be his route to success. So, he started to work in his Fathers business and learn through experience rather than a classroom.




Ricardo had learned of a low cost way to start a business and grow more quickly than in a standard business environment, and he joined a Network Marketing company. His sons followed in 1989.  Alex was 18.

Alex had two dreams…

1 – to be a pilot

2 – to make money

alexHis first dream was shattered when his father told him that due to a hearing problem he would never be accepted as a pilot.  So, he pursued his second.

He grew a strong business with his Network Marketing company, but by 2000 had come to a crossroads.  He was making Money, but he did not like some of methods of the people he was working with in that organization, and felt the structure was no longer for him.

Time for a Change…

brokersHe partnered with a friend. They created and invested in a Business Model for Mortgage Brokerage Offices.  In 2000 this was a great opportunity, and Alex knew it.  With housing pricing rising rapidly, and lax mortgage regulations, it was easy to build.


Real EstateBy the end of 2007 he was:

  • – part owner in 13 offices, where 177 brokers worked, and he got a % of each of their deals. 
  • – invested in over 30 buildings.


With no University Degree, he had found success.  With 6 cars and the Lifestyle he has dreamed about while growing up.

Yet in early 2008, it all fell apart.  Alex had invested too much in one basket. 

By April 2008 it was done:

  • all the offices were closed,
  • the 6 cars repossessed,
  • his investments in shreds.

Alex knew that to be Successful, he would have to work for himself. He had been for years now, and still he failed.

failureWhat could he do, people were out of work everywhere, and job opportunities were scarce.  He had no money left to start a new business.

If you were knocked down, what would you do? 

Would you settle for this new reality, or would you redefine your options?

Follow this link to find out what Alex did…

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