Part 2

Risk v. Return – Part 2

successSuccess is not a straight path, and as an Entrepreneur it is never assured.  So, when faced with a failure you can decide to change and find a way to succeed, or give up.

Alex was not ready to give up, even though he was afraid whatever he did would not work. 

His wife Claudia returned to working.

They fought to have the money to pay their bills.  

They were losing even their own home.

Opportunity Called….

changeSomeone he knew called and told him about a new opportunity.  A new company that was changing lives.

Alex had vowed never to return to Network Marketing.  Yet something about the timing made him take notice.

Alex flew to the Head Office and invested his electrical bill money into starting with this new Network Marketing company. It was a calculated Risk, would it give him the Return?

This opportunity had:

  • Products that worked, with solid science behind it.
  • Consumable products which would sell monthly, and fit a significant need in any market.
  • A compensation plan that would support income for even people just starting out, which made it easier to grow.
  • A staff at head office, and leaders within the company that had the same vision as him.



This time he decided to become a Student of the Industry.  He would be a leader.  While his sponsors did not see the same vision as Alex, he found the right Mentors and took the actions needed to succeed.  He had to.  The risk of failure was not an option for him.  He wanted to give his wife the lifestyle she deserved.

He got in for the Income, but stayed for the difference he made in other peoples lives as he achieved his goal.

mindsetHe works on Mindset for himself, as well as sharing this with his team.  In fact he spends more than 10% of his monthly earnings on coaching and activities to learn. Investing in his business future by bettering himself and the people he works with.


What is Alex’s Life like now?

  • alexIn 2016 he travelled 17 weeks for personal lifestyle and some business reasons.
  • Earns a significant income monthly, after having been with this same organization for the past 8 years. 
  • With only 18 – 20 of his 65 personally enrolled partners, he now has 40,000 people in his organization worldwide and growing.
  • Owns three properties (one is a training center) and  has 4 cars.
  • Invests 10% into Savings.
  • Helps to financially support an Orphanage in San Salvador for 50 kids.
  • Provides 7500 meals per month in San Salvador each month, and has a goal of 75000 per month.



Alex did not arrive to 2016 without lessons and speedbumps.  He was not ‘Lucky’.  He could have just worked for his father, or given up after his loss in 2008, but he did not. He does the work every day, with no Excuse!

alexHe believes that success has a critical keys:

  • 100% self discipline,
  • Coach/Mentor,
  • Take calculated risk,
  • Work with the Head Office,
  • Invest 10% in your business/mindset monthly,
  • Help people accomplish their goals, and you will accomplish yours.


alex8The University of Life and Network Marketing has helped Alex to develop the skills he now uses as a Global Entrepreneur

How about you? Are you seeking Economic Freedom, or a 9 – 5 Job?

If you Dream and Believe, then you can achieve! The Risk was worth the Return for Alex, and myself.  How about you?

If you want to learn more, or join our organization, follow this link and fill in the request for information. 


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