This Theme is What I Used to to Build this Site!

In order to create this website I used a Webhosting service, and this Theme.  It is a robust theme that offers many options and is regularly updated.  If you are lookiing to build a site with your desire to brand yourself, I recommend this Theme.  Click here for details... 

Are you looking for help with your Email Marketing ?

If so, AWeber is an easy to use platform with templates for opt-in and applications for information.  If you want details, you can select the image, or click here, and it will take you to their website for information.  


This is one of my FAVORITE tools.  I have it on my Android device.  It is the Audible application.  

I use this as I go through my day to inspire me. It assists me with working out my brain and my MINDSET.

Improving yourself makes you a better magnet for talented leaders who wish to learn from you.  This will give you skills that when practiced, will make you a PROFESSIONAL NETWORKER.  Click here to learn more.


The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz and Dan Kennedy 

This is actually a fantastic book which helps you to think about the Theater of your Mind and play out various scenarios to prepare you for meetings, presentations, and success in your business.  With tools to help you practice and understand that you do not have to bear any failures of the past, and that the barriers to your success is generally all in your Mindset.  That with practice and understanding you can move past these barriers. To order the audible, click here.

Sharpening your Skills

Whether you are in sales, a small business owner, in Direct Sales, or thinking about becoming an Entrepreneur, you need to see this!  It is an incredible online interactive course to help you learn how to read people, and paint the word pictures that you need to grow your market and achieve success.  This will also help you with interpersonal skills, even within your family dynamic.  A must.  Click here to learn more, or order this course.