Our Road to Success in Network Marketing!

Have you ever joined a company and wanted to be a top earner, travel more, work from anywhere, or cover your monthly housing costs?

Anything is possible in Network Marketing, if you are ready to learn new skills, and improve others.

Social NetworkYou can do this on a full time, or part-time basis.  And the cool part is that you do not have to quit your current job when you start.  Though your long term goal may be to replace your income, and walk away from your current employment.

After having researched the company, the science, having a fantastic product experience, the people behind the scenes, and the quality of leaders in this organization, we jumped in.

Both of us had previous experience in Network Marketing, but had never approached it in the same way we are now.

We followed the steps that I cover in my Free eBook that I am offering to you.


We set our first goal to be able to earn enough at first to cover our monthly car payment.  This is a monthly cost of Job for Bill250$ for us.

  • Within 30 days we had earned enough to cover the initial cost, and our monthly product purchase. This is what we consume personally each month.
  • By the 45th day we had hosted two Home Meetings, and launched our Business with the people who wanted to join us.  
  • By the end of 60 days we were earning enough to cover our products and car payments each month.  
  • We had moved up two pay levels within the company within the first 60 days.


So, well within 90 days of working in our Organization, we were on our way to our next goal: to help our partners do the same.


  • By the end of 120 days, one of our partners had also risen 3 levels.


Our next goal is to replace my income, so that I can work at this full time!  

Changing peoples lives the way that we are now has had a huge impact on our lives, and we love to share our experiences.Leadership

These days we continue to grow our organization (locally and internationally) and travel as speakers and trainers within our team. Mentoring other Entrepreneurial Minded people to do the same.

Speaking9 months after we had started to work with this organization, my husband was a speaker at our Annual International Event.  

What an experience this was for us. The production was amazing, and so was the venue. Getting to meet the leaders in this International Organization, and to invited to participate was incredible. We were able to share this experience with our team, which is continuing to grow.

Les Brown was one of the speakers prior to my Husband, and what an honor to share the same stage.

At our Annual Gala in Canada in 2015 and 2016, we were recognized for our Inspiration to others through our contributions to our team, and others within our organization.  Being recognized by our peers for this is such an honor.


After what we had experienced for the past 7 years, after my husband was diagnosed with his chronic neuro-Impactmuscular illness, we had never imagined our lives could finally be no longer defined by his condition.  We now get to help others to learn of options, and to help them No Longer Suck it Up, and Take Charge, when they are ready.

To date we have travelled to: Orlando, El Salvador, Salt Lake City, and so many place with our Organization.  With Peru on our list for 2018!! 

If you like adventure, want to control your time, and work with people who feel the same, then the future looks bright for you. 

You Must Believe, Have a Big Dream, work with the Right Team, and be Willing to Learn and Unlearn.  Take action and BE GREAT!

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