Online Success with Sales Funnels!

There are many effective tools in marketing yourself, your products, and your organization.

targeted salesI want to share one of the best ways to leverage your message and result in attracting clients and potential new partners to you.

The goal of marketing is to get a commitment:

  • their contact details,
  • a request for more information,
  • or a sale.


marketingTraditional Network Marketing approaches:

  • you will create a personal contacts list with leads, contact your lead, and establish a relationship or renew one.  
  • Adding new leads over time from various sources.


What do Statistics show?

TimeLet us say that you attempt to speak to 30 people.  

7 – 10 might have given you positive feedback and respond with a request for more details, if you have used the right wording, and targeted your approach to the right audience.  

Of those, maybe 1 – 2 will convert to buyers.  And even so, this will often require 5 – 7 exposures to your information before they become buyers.  That is a lot of work.  

Some people feel that if this is true, then they need to flood their Facebook or other Social Media feed with multiple exposures.

  • About their products,
  • their business,
  • or ask for 5 new people to sponsor…  

In addition to this, when you work in Sales or Networking, you are always trying to find new leads, and DREAM of finding quality leads.  

Does this sound familiar?  

This also perpetuates the image of a Networker as being desperate for business, and that the industry is not professional.

If you do this, you will repel the market you seek to develop a relationship with. These social networking tools are for social interaction, not going into selling mode.


Doing it Right…

But, if you can get it right, Sales Funnels in Social Media is an amazing way to build your reputation, and attract like minded people into your business, or as clients. 

sales funnelSales Funnels are a way to control the content exposed to your market, through a system, allowing curiosity and your relationship to trigger a client to pursue more details and transition from being a prospect, to a lead, and then a lead to a buyer. Prospects who do not find that your content serves a need that they have move out of the funnel. 


This requires strategy on your part.


– Write down your target market, and consider their habits, routines, and what they would find valuable.


personalHave a personal page where you will allow people to get to know you, and your story. I recommend not posting vulgarity, or strong religious, or political beliefs, unless this is relevant to your target market. Set your posts to Public.

BusinessHave a business or Fan page separate. On this page you will share more about your business, or products. And you will occasionally share these on your personal page. 



Putting it Into Practice:

Value ContentA Sales Funnel is where you will approach a large target audience, and share carefully worded content that adds value, and some of this market will respond to it. Please remember, Quality, not Quantity.


LeadsIf they respond to the content, you direct them to a call to action. Such as a link they can select to go to your fan or business page, where they will be exposed to your offer, or the next filter. You may then send them to an opt-in page with an email responder, or simply have them contact you directly.


SoldThe end goal being that only interested parties will be at this second stage, and then only real buyers will engage in the final step.



Benefit – One really good content posted, 100 people read it, 30 engage, 10 buy. Your time is spent setting the system up, and then follow up with actual buyers.  But, even those that do not buy, may still be in the sales Funnel, and may follow you, or receive emails from you regularly.


This does not remove the word of mouth, other marketing options, or one-on-one tools from your regular activities.  

  • You will no longer repel your friends.
  • You will develop a better relationship with your audience, and a place for them to go to buy from you.
  • You will add quality leads to your list, and be able to maintain and build relationships with people internationally.
  • Plus, they are buying from you, you are not selling to them.

If you wish to have more detailed training on Sales Funnels, and a behind the scenes look at what is working for me, I am putting an eBook together and will offer coaching. I have a detailed and proven method developed with my partners and Mentor to set Sales Funnels up. This helps me to connect with people internationally, reach new clients, and partners, even while I sleep. It also helps me to generate multiple streams of income, and not be affected by local market conditions. Please contact me at:

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