Network Marketing: What’s the Truth? Part 2

Why are there so many people involved in Network Marketing Companies?

Over 200 Million is paid out in commissions in this industry every day. 

Is Network Marketing for you?

  • Do you need or wish to earn an additional income monthly?
  • Discomfort at JobAre you looking for something to give you control over your schedule, and to be able to have more time for your family?
  • Have you been dreaming of becoming an Entrepreneur, but had neither the start up idea, or investment funds to buy a business or franchise? 
  • Do you regularly share or recommend product, services, or things that you enjoy with others?
  • Do you want to Take Charge, and no longer Suck it Up when you feel undervalued, overworked, and underpaid in your job?


Social NetworkNetwork Marketing provides the opportunity for the average person to get paid for recommending and selling a product or service. And to get paid on the sales of any team members who decide to join and do the same. You get paid every time your clients purchase the product. But, you have to educate and share the product/service information, and to maintain a relationship with your partners and clients.

Other than commissioned sales positions in a traditional company, this is an industry where it is possible for you to make much more money than the person who brought you in.

What are some of the advantages:Network Vacation

  • it is a cost effective Entrepreneurial option
  • you get to choose the organization, and the people you will work with
  • you do not need a higher education, and training is provided
  • allows you to benefit from tax advantages
  • work and earn a residual income on a part-time (or full-time) basis, you decide
  • you get paid for the consumption of the products or services you sell, even while you are away
  • most of the work can be done through mobile devices (phones, emails)
  • you can work from almost anywhere: home, the beach, a restaurant…



That does not mean that you need to go out and recruit every friend or family member you know, because honestly, you do not want reluctant people working with you. But you should make it known that you work with this organization, as you never know when they may have need you can fulfill.  


Job for BillA significant number of associates within Network Marketing Companies join to obtain discounts for their own product purchases, much like a member at Costco. Many have no interest in working and developing a market, simply consuming the products or services.


Some join a Network Marketing Company to generate an additional $300 – 2000 per month, and cover bills, car or mortgage payments. Essentially giving themselves a raise. 


Others want to add to the security of their future, and are betting on themselves to achieve their dreams. They want to be their own Boss, and are not afraid to Hire themselves as their Best Employee. They wish to develop themselves, and step out of the traditional role of employee. They want to become Network Professionals, and their income potential is unlimited.


Network OfficeI am a Network Professional.

People who are new to Network Marketing may not know how to grow their network, and they will worry that everyone they speak with needs to join. A coach or mentor will make sure that they practice, learn the products and services, and will show them how to create and work on their list.  It is important to not make unfounded claims, or over sell and fail to deliver with your network. Working on your relationships is key.

Once you have shared, your Network can educate themselves and try the products or services to see if they want to become clients or partners.  

I will have another post about 6 Areas to Evaluate in a Network Marketing Company. If you want to see about why I joined Network Marketing, go to my About page, and also ready my Husband Story.

It takes time, and work, but everyone has the opportunity to succeed!

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