Must Reads for the Networking Professional!

It is not enough to just want to be the leader in your organization.

You also need to be in the right headspace, and demonstrate the skills to attract and keep the right people.

workWorking on YOURSELF is a critical part of success within the Network Marketing Profession. An Entrepreneur, Business Owner, or Investor, understands that they need to invest in their assets in order to make more money and succeed.

 In the Network Marketing industry, the most important asset is: YOURSELF.


leadershipLeaders will not follow people who have a smaller skillset than they do. So, if you want to attract and keep talented people to your team, then you need to show that you can lead them to the solutions they seek as you possess the skills, knowledge and success that they wish to have.

You can pursue this Goal through different options:


With a Traditional Book or EBook. Set yourself in a comfortable place, spend 30 minutes or more per day if possible.


By turning your Car or Mobile Device into a Mobile University. We installed Audible on our Phones some time ago, and use the Bluetooth in our cars to listen to books that help us improve our knowledge base.


You can attend In-Person Training Events, or Online Webinars.  The teaser events are often free, or very low cost, and will introduce you to information which can significantly impact your daily routines, skills, and tactics.

I have spoken to many leaders who earn well into the 6 digits, or above, annually in order to find out what books they felt had the greatest impact on their success.

I will give you a summary of 12 of these Top Books over the coming months, and encourage you to read or listen to these books.

A far more rewarding use of your time that listening to Top 40’s hits as you drive in to your JOB daily.

Most top earners recommend that you spend on average about 5 hours per week on your learning.

Now, this knowledge will give you tools to use, but unless you commit to taking action, knowledge on its own will not deliver the results you seek.

Prior to starting to starting this process I want you to do a few things:

  • List the Skills and Weaknesses that you wish to work on, and select your books based on these as a First Priority. You should discuss this with your Mentor/Coach, as they may have some insight into you, and what you need.
  • Make sure to Focus while you are reading or listening.
  • Write Notes as you are listening and reading.  Not necessarily word for word of what is being shared, but the parts which stimulate or inspire your own interpretation of how this is relavant to you.
  • Be Open Minded, and aware of your personal conditioning which may lead to you making assumptions.
  • Set an Action Plan following reading or listening, and share these with your mentor or coach.



Follow this link to the First Book!

Happy Reading, and Congratulations on taking the Steps necessary to Achieve your Success!

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