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Sheena5Sheena is setting goals for her peers and showing them how to obtain their dreams.

Many journalists and adults today rail against this younger generation entering University and the Workforce. Millennials.

Their reality is quite different from that which we had (I am over 40).  Where coming out of University meant you got a well paid job right away, and you often expected to spend many years with the same employer, moving up the ranks.


MillennialsThe truth is that the world is moving so much faster, and in a different way.  Yet our education system is still stuck at training the youth to become worker bees.  While this new generation is breaking free of this pattern, and pushing to set their own definitions.  Potential employers are doing what they can to catch up, and most companies are working hard to try to harness the buying power and marketing waves that this generation created through its online activity and usage of social media, and technology.  

Millennials are not afraid to tell people everything they do, consume, recommend, use, and want to get paid to promote these to everyone.  Online stars making money through sponsorship while they apply make-up, or play games.  The world is truly a different place.

Running the show at 20…

PhilippinesSheena is a young lady born in a country where the average income is about 225$ USD per month.  Only 2.7% will graduate with a post secondary college degree.  The average life expectancy is 68 years old, and many cannot afford or have access to Health Care. Typically they need to take on a side job just to afford vitamins, cover medical bills, and dream of education.  Many leave their home country and travel to richer countries to earn income that they then use to help support their families at home.

Sheena is lucky however, her parents are entrepreneurs.  They have set an example for her.  While she was younger she simply enjoyed the fruits of their labor, as many young people do, but she realized that many of her young friends had limitations to their dreams.

Her Call to Action…

SheenaShe decided to take it upon herself to encourage her friends to step outside of the definitions of their families.  She wanted to no longer be just an observer, she moved to action and is not satisfied with just a participation ribbon for life.  She asked her Network of Friends to take a chance on her, what she was offering them, and to work.

Sheena8While some decided to just sit back and do nothing, a hand full at first listened.  Most are now helping to pay for their families monthly costs, and paying their own tuition to College and University.  Using their Network and growing it, to share what is making a difference for them.  Changing the destiny that they may once have had, and being part of this new generation who understands the influence that they bring when they pursue a goal.  Now helping to fill the room with people curious to learn how they too can change their lives.  

Inspiring different Generations….

SheenaWe met Sheena at our Organizations International Convention last year, where she was one of the speakers, and only 19.  She inspired us all with her words and actions.

For those of us over 35, it means to not fearing sharing.  Opening ourselves up.  Learning how to use the tools that they so easily have learned to master.

Success is not defined by your age, demographics, or life circumstances.

Sheena9At 20 years of age, Sheena is close to making more money per month than the average person in the Philippines does in a year.  She has traveled to countries most of her friends would never have dreamed of visiting.  She has been transformed by this experience in so many ways.  Having fun, inspiring others, and making a difference in her life, and that of those around her.  Oh the possibilities for things to come.


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