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Do you or anyone you know of live with a Chronic Illness?

In my household alone we have two.  Me with Psoriasis, and my husband with a Neuro-Muscular Chronic Illness.

Life with Chronic IllnessToday I am going to share his story with you, and how he is now no longer allowing himself to be defined by his challenges.  This will be my longest post, but I want to be sure to tell his story and explain his challenges.

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Getting to know my husband

My husband grew up in Montreal, Canada.  He was active, playing Baseball and Hockey.

In fact, even as an adult he was playing 3 on 3 hockey with his brothers weekly, and softball during the summer months.  Once we had a daughter old enough, he would run along the soccer field with my older daughter, as her coach.  Even though this was not his preferred sport.

He was an active Entrepreneur, and was putting together a business venture set to launch in 2007 with a few business partners, and an investor.


Learning he had a Chronic Neuro-Muscular Illness in 2007

In March of 2007, on his way to a business meeting, he started to have double vision. This progressed to tingling fingers, and slurred speech.  So, he turned around and came home.  I was at home with our youngest daughter (we have 3), and she was just 7 weeks old.  We decided to visit the Emergency Room of our local Hospital to find out what was going on, and worried that it was a stroke.Hospital with Chronic Illness

On our fourth visit to the ER in 3 days, he was admitted to the ICU.  He could no longer get enough oxygen, or swallow his own saliva, and the other symptoms were getting worse.  They still did not know what he has suffering from.  This terrified us.  Within a few more days he could no longer walk, lift his head, or arms, without assistance.  He was 34, and had been playing hockey just 6 days earlier.

He was transferred to two other Hospitals, and finally diagnosed.  This was over a 3 week period of time, while his health was declining and he was not eating.   A nurse by his side suctioning the saliva.  He was put on ventilation because he could not breath and a feeding tube.

The treatments finally started to turn things around.  And 6 months later, after time spent in recovery, and then rehabilitation, he was sent home.  In a wheelchair, and 70 lbs lighter.  No longer the vibrant and active man that I had met and married years earlier on the outside.


Life after Diagnosis

He had a heavy regime of medications, and treatments to follow just to have the control over his muscles and energy he needed to go through simple tasks during the day.

Pills for Chronic IllnessHe also saw his neurologist on a regular basis, and learned as much as he could about his chronic illness, the options, and the potential pitfalls.  This would be with him the rest of his life, managed by medications and treatments, and he would likely be hospitalized in the future due to crisis or illness.

When we asked the neurologist in the late fall of 2007 what the long term likelihood would be for a full recovery, he told us to take things one day at a time, and that we would likely know more by 5 years into the chronic illness.  That it would be a long recovery due to the depth of the crisis he had gone through, and that he did not expect a full recovery due to the nerve damage sustained.

Over the next 5 years there were improvements.  My husband was able to be wean off the immune suppressant medications, and Prednisone.  For people with his chronic illness, this is a victory. He learned to understand his bodies signs of weakness.  In a typical day, at his best, he was able to perform tasks at about 50 – 70% of his daily ability from prior to diagnosis.  His ability and energy would fluctuate during the day, and would be worse at certain times, or due to weather, activity, and sickness.  The neurologist confirmed that this would probably as good as it would get.

What were his limitations?  

Well, his facial features had nerve damage, and he struggled to show a smile.  When he spoke a lot his speech became slurred.  He had problems controlling his legs, and would use his hips when he walked, making it look outwardly as if he walked like a duck.  When at the grocery store, he would use the cart to protect himself from being bumped.  If he was bumped, he would fall.  He was unable to bag, or carry the groceries to the car, so I would do it.  Fluorescent lights were not his friend, and if we went to a store with them, he would struggle to walk back to the car.  He could not grab a water bottle out of the fridge with an outstretched arm, or put his laptop bag onto his shoulder.  Coaching hockey and soccer were a dream.

He was trapped in his body, and frustrated by these limitations.  He felt that there was no hope of getting any better, and was afraid of the long term side effects and potential complications of the medications and treatments.


Finding a Successful Natural Option for Him!

We were always looking for possible options to add to the medications and treatments. These managed his symptoms, but did nothing for the base cause of his chronic illness.  We discussed and tried diet, and vitamins with minimum success.  We even talked to the neurologist about Stem Cells, as we had banked them from the birth of our third daughter.

In the spring of 2014 we met up with a friend of ours in a line-up.  He shared with us that he had found science based products that had helped him, and he wanted to show this information to us.  So, he came over to our house, and shared what he had found.

My husband cannot take even over the counter cough syrup, and so we decided to research the products and science.  I admit to a Hero to Chronic Illnessbecoming an information geek over the years.  We looked into the company, the scientific evidence, the approval by Health Canada (science confirmed by them as well as the safety of the ingredients), the scientists, the elements in our cells that this would help, and the ingredients.

In August of 2014, my husband took his first product.  It had been 5 weeks since his last IVIG treatment, and was feeling very weak.  He normally had IVIG every 4 weeks, and would feel the weakness set in at week 3 after the treatment.  There was a complication with the prescription, and so the treatment had been delayed.

Nothing happened on day 1, or day 2.  On day 4 everything changed.

My brother-in-law came by the house with a hide-a-bed we were adopting, and I was getting ready to help him bring it in.  My husband took charge, went outside, and helped to carry it in.  He then helped to move the existing couch to the basement to make room.  All the while that I was yelling at him that he would hurt himself.  He had not been able to do anything like this since early 2007. Wow.

So, he continued to take the product, and added a second.


His Life Today

These days my husband is on 1/4 of the medications that he needed to take just to maintain himself at 60 -70% of his ability.  He is now at 85-95% of his pre-2007 self.  His IVIG is now every 16 weeks.  He feels great, and is now back in the saddle as an Independent Business Developer, and works with the company who makes these products.  

My husband is back, and his illness no longer defines his day.

He is still improving, even after over a year.

He will live with his chronic illness for the rest of his life, but the symptoms and impact have a far less significant impact on his daily routine, and he now is able to challenge himself.

Skating with Chronic Illness


He now coaches my daughter’s hockey team, and is on the ice.  My kids get to experience the man that I met and married all those years ago. He drives distances to coach and support others in their business.  He was even asked to be a speaker at our International Convention this past Sept.  And he got up on stage, and shared his story, and how he will be sharing this with people for the rest of his life. That he loves people enough to want them to have hope, and options, whether they are sick or well.



Super DadHe also shared a story about when it hit him.  We were at a Comic Con type event with our kids.  He wanted to pick out cuff links for Convention.  He was looking at a pair, and my 8 year old told him that he could not buy those.  She told him to buy the ones in her hand instead.  She was holding Superman cuff links.  She told him: Dad, you are strong now, just like Superman, so you need to buy these.  He started to cry.  Guess which cuff links he bought?

Health JFHis neurologist was amazed by the changes in my husband, and is considering doing research on the impact these products have on the elements in the cells, and the impact these elements in the cells then have on the illness that my husband has.  He is putting together the information he needs to proceed.

His General Practitioner, whom he sees every 3 months, saw my husband no longer walking like a duck, speaking more clearly, and asked him what he was doing differently.  We shared the information with him, and he decided to try the products.  He loves the science, the simplicity, yet wondrous outcome from what your bodies cells are capable of.

I like to share his story, as it is my story, and it is a large part of why I am who I am today.  If we can help to give even one person back their loved one, help to improve the quality of life of just one person, then these past 8 years have been worth it.  We have done this already, and so much more.


The products that we take do not claim to treat or cure you. They were created in a way to deliver to your cells what they need to produce an element crucial to your health and well being. What your body then does is the miracle. But this battle is different for each of us.


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