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To begin with, there is a short VIDEO here which introduces you to the glutathione in your cells that is crucial for your survival, and does a whole lot of really INCREDIBLE things!


You can go back to the email you were sent and find a link to the details about our patented products. They are proven to deliver to your cells the needed ingredients it needs to make more glutathione.  The result is that your cells increase their levels of this glutathione by up to 300%.  

Please note that there are synthetic versions available, but most of those products are broken down in the digestive system, so little gets into your body, and the molecules are too big to go into your cells.  They do not give your cells the ingredients they need to produce their own glutathione. You can also inject the synthetic product, but it is dangerous and last only up to 72 hours.

Meet some of our Panel of Medical Experts, and the Scientists behind this Breakthrough.



The science behind the products we take were developed over 25 years of research. Funded by the NIH and the VA in the US, and conducted by one of their leading scientists.  However he chose not to sell his patents to the Pharmaceutical Industry once he had perfected it!

See this sheet from Dec. 2015 showing the families of illness which are correlated with low levels of Glutathione to see what we are vulnerable to when our levels drop below a critical line.  This is from almost 124000 global scientific research papers published.


You can also visit this site to look into even more depth about this Incredible Protein Molecule your body produces and uses daily.  Click Here. 

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