Athletic Edge

Having an Athletic Edge!

What would you do to get the edge in your athletics? 

Athletes, like all of us, want the edge. They look to beat their competition, or time, by any margin.

athleticThis requires:

  • planning,
  • financial support,
  • coaching,
  • training,
  • commitment,
  • learning the most effective techniques,
  • and utilizing the best tools on the market.

Whether this is the most aerodynamic bike, or bathing suit.  



In fact, most want the most advanced athletic technology to have an advantage over their competitors. In some cases this crosses a line.  We can see this with illegal inflation of a football, illegal curvature of a hockey blade, illegal baseball bat, and even illegal or positive doping results.

Famous caught cheaters include: Ben Johnson, Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones, Maria Sharapova, and many more.


Following A Dream

JimFor a friend of mine, this meant going against the advice of his family and friends.

Do you have such courage and strength of conviction? Then Taking Charge and Committing yourself to doing whatever it takes?

It starts with a Dream.

In Jim’s case he was passionate about cycling.  Not just a quick ride around the park.  He loved the speed and became involved in Competitive Cycling when he was young.

His family did not believe that he could make a serious career from cycling, and so did not assist him with either emotional or financial support.

But Jim had a Dream, and he also had the strength of character and determination to push himself.


Athletic Accomplishments

  • Qualified for the 1980 Canadian Olympic Team
  • In the early 1980’s he set National Time Trial Records for 3 events in Cycling (15km, 40km, & 80km).  
  • He set World Records in additional events in 1986, which stand even to this day.

JimLike most elite athletes, he has always been analytical about performance products and equipment. He even spent time in a wind tunnel to see if the equipment was really faster. Over the years he tested many products that were the “next greatest performance enhancer”, and was one of the first to use heart rate and power meters on his bikes in LABORATORY TESTING with Universities.


Since 2014

EquipmentJim is over 60 now (in 2015), and still is passionate about cycling.  

Over a year ago he learned about some products on the market that were BSCG certified, and had the potential to support his body in its athletic performance and recovery in a way he had been searching for over the years. Optimizing his performance with legal and approved products. So, he tested these on himself. Always looking for the edge for himself, and his athletic clients.

What does BSCG mean?  

BSCGThis is the Banned Substance Control Group.  This is a crucial certification for amateur and professional athletes.  If you take something which may be tainted by a Banned Substance, you can end up with a positive result in a Doping test, and as such be suspended, fined, disqualified, and removed from the sporting even you love. 


His Results

productsHe tried 2 products.

1 – The first yielded immediate results.  His peak power at 5 to 20 seconds was within 10% of his all-time numbers from over the past 30 years, even though he was training far less than in the 1980’s.  

By 1 year later, they were in fact close to the levels he was at when he achieved his World Marks in 1985, even though he is now 30 years older.

2 – It took a little longer to notice the impact of the second product.  Due to the repeated injuries and surgeries he had sustained over his athletic career.  However, once his body had produced this element (click here) in enough supply, his performance and recovery improved even more significantly.  When he does distance cycling now, he no longer feels the long recovery after, and is able to get back to training more quickly.

AthleticSo, his performance and recovery is significantly improved in the past 2 years. His test results showing his current athletic performance to be comparable to that from the 1980’s, with less training, and at 30 years older.

He works as a coach with elite athletes, in track and in cycling. He uses his experience, and understanding of the steps involved to become an elite athlete to help support and bring out the best in his clients. Whether this is in their need for financing, emotional support, or finding an edge.

athleticHe shows them ways to earn a good income through an Entrepreneurial approach to help finance the pursuit of their athletic goals.

If you are looking for a way to help finance the pursuit of your passions, follow this link and fill in this form for information.

He is also considering working towards breaking his World Record set in 1986. 

To learn about the products that Jim is sharing with his athletes, follow this link or the Learn More Here button, and fill out the form and I will send you the details by email.





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