Gaining a New Life while Losing the Weight!

Are you challenged by physical, financial, or emotional weight?

In some cases, this is not visible to the outside world.  Such as with my Husband, who has a chronic illness, which for many years impacted his quality of life, and ability to live his dreams. See his story here.

In other cases these challenges are obvious to the outside world.

I meet many people in the type of work that I do, and I love to share stories about the people that Inspire me due to their passion to help others, and to transformation to their own lives. They are Taking Charge, and No Longer Sucking it Up!



I met Bonita on stage at our International Convention in Salt Lake city in Sept. 2015.  Since then, I have had the opportunity to get to know her better, and she has agreed to let me share her story.


Getting to Know Bonita

BonitaBonita had fought with her weight her entire life. She was a night shift call center employee, and also took care of her sick husband. Balancing life with daily struggles that many of us face, but with this additional burden of a sick spouse.

I understand this well.

Over the years she tried everything to help her with her weight.  She tried diets, programs, supplements, and working out.  She would lose 50 pounds, only to gain back 70.  Never having any lasting success.

When she talked with her doctor, he told her that she was at such a weight, and had so many fat cells, that it was virtually impossible for her to be able to lose any significant weight.

BonitaShe was at the point in her life that she just decided to be “fat and happy”.  She took all the clothes that she had been holding on to, hoping to wear again one day, and donated them to the Salvation Army. She ordered all new clothes. A women’s plus size 32 for dresses and a 5 x was on the way….

The home scales could not measure her weight, but she had become 440 lbs.



Some of The Impact of Fat and Weight on our Bodies

WeightNow, what does that do to your insides?

This is graphic, but I want you to see the difference between an average 120 lb woman and one who is at 250 lbs. The impact to their quality of life, and long term prognosis is not good.

There can be many reason why people struggle with weight.

Caring, Sharing, and Trusting

Bonita had someone looking out for her.  Her pastor.  He shared with her something that he knew would change her life.  She had such a strong and trusting relationship with him, that she listened.

When she learned more about what he was talking about, she agreed to try it for 90 days.  Not convinced that it would make any difference given her previous experiences, but trusting that he had her best interest at heart, and she still hoped.

This was in Nov. of 2013, and she started her trial in Dec. 2013.


Taking the Trial

Weight lossWithin 25 days her jeans no longer fit. She weighed the same, but her measurements had changed. In the society that we live in, we want an instant fix, and we want to see it on the scale. But any athlete or trainer will tell you that it is not just about seeing it on the scale. It is your BMI (body mass Index – or % of fat that you have to weight, height, and body type).

Fast weight loss is typically the loss of water, which our bodies reserve, and this is not a successful weight loss method. It has no long term benefit, because your body then goes into water conservation mode, the weight and water get put back on, and then more.

Weight LossIt was maybe another 2.5 -3 weeks before she had her first 11 pound loss. Then it was back and forth between losing pounds, and then losing inches.

She did not change any of her eating habits at first, even though she was told it would work faster that way. Bonita was told that even if she did not change her habits, there would still be fat loss due to the changes within her system, and she wanted to see for herself if this was true.


Then all of a sudden, she started craving different foods.  Like broccoli, and other vegetables, that she had never eaten before. She started noticing that she no longer liked Pringles or Reeses Peanut Butter cups. So, she started to listen to the plan, and as her body no longer craved the bad foods, her eating habits were easier to change.

She finally had some hope. The biggest struggle during this process was to look at what she was accomplishing, and not focus at how far she still had to go on her journey.

This is true for so many of us, even if our challenges are more financial, emotional, or health.  We forget to celebrate the victories along the journey, and become overwhelmed with the long term goal.


Losing the Weight


Pictures from her Journey!

Her journey is continuing, and at this point (Jan. 2016), she has lost 163 pounds. Bonita’s next goal is losing another 37 pounds, so that she will have lost a total 200 pounds. And her next goal is a loss of a total 220 pounds, when she will have lost half of what she weighed in Dec. 2013

Getting to the result or goal quickly is not necessarily going to result in long term success.  If your foundations are not solid, the house will fall.

  • This requires consistency.  
  • A well thought out plan.
  • Understanding and using the tools to succeed properly.
  • Having amazing accountability partners or mentors.  
  • The determination and understanding of your why.  
  • The mindset that you will succeed.
  • The commitment to take action to get there. 

With weight management, a lot of people fail.  They do not have the above.  The challenge seems to difficult to them, and it is hard work.  Follow this link to learn more about the Fat Loss System and methods she used.


Gaining a New Life

BonitaHer life is now inspiring and spreading the word to help other people get the freedom that comes with being able to lose weight.

She has taken all those new big clothes, some with tags still on them, and donated them to the Salvation Army. Knowing that she is able to bless someone with new clothes. She is now even smaller than when she was in high school, and is ready for this to be her best year ever.

In July 2015, Bonita’s loving husband of 30 years passed away.  Getting through all of the holidays, and the stress of his loss would cause many to put on weight. Her hope was to just maintain, and due to the fact that her metabolism had changed, she was able to do that.

While you work towards your goal for a better financial, emotional, or physical situation, you will meet with challenges. It is never a straight line. It may take longer, or be harder than you ever thought for your to achieve your goal.

Remember this: If you are moving forward, you are moving in the right direction. If you can help to inspire others to move forward as well, would that not be amazing?

BonitaWhen she now travels, and enjoys things she had not imagined for herself, she always remembers the person who cared enough to share with her. As I love the person who shared with my husband and I. We love having this same significant impact with others. We share as we travel, doing the things we love, and spending time with the people who inspire us.

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