Facing the Battle Head On!

Each day we face battles.  These can be physical, emotional, or financial.  We can feel overwhelmed.

If you were faced with what seemed like impossible odds, what would you do?

Would you look for solutions, or face what the future seems to hold without a fight?

If your life seemed to corner you into a bad situation, would you step up and take responsibility to change? Even if the outcome was in doubt?

battleLife has few certainties, and for some of us, it can be easy to blame other people or the situation for the way we live. It is harder to change than to maintain our course. However, isn’t your quality of life a battle worth fighting for?

Scott’s Story

ScottScott is a 3rd generation war veteran. He knows what battles are, and can both follow orders, make decisions, and evaluate risk when the stakes are high. When it is not just his life in the balance. His story inspires me, and I wish to share it with you.

When you meet Scott today, you cannot easily see the scars of the life he has led in an obvious way.  Many of us carry wounds which have cut us deep and forever changed us, whether physical or mental.  His are both.

Scott joined the Armed Forces before he graduated High School.  He served in military action overseas on and off from 1988 – 2012.  As the grandson and son of Men who fought in WW1 and WW2, this was an honor.  

ScottDuring this time he married, and started his own family.  He was active in many sports and hobbies, and studied a Spiritual Healing Art called Reiki, where he became a master in 2005. As he was deployed several times overseas, he would soak up his time with his family, and appreciate the priceless moments he had with them.


ScottThe Battlefield Changed

While in Afghanistan, he was involved in a serious military accident, which left him disabled. It also eventually resulted in a medical release in 2012, at 42 years of age. He had surgeries (including a hip replacement) and medications prescribed to help him recover. The outcome was limited mobility and over 13 prescriptions to take daily. While this helped improve his quality of life somewhat, it did not allow him to return to: Soccer, Ball Hockey, and many of the other sports he enjoyed with his friends and children. That priceless time with his family felt tarnished.

Taking up the New Fight

He looked to his Reiki, and his family and friends for support during this time.  His battle was now for his health: physically and emotionally.  

My husband struggled with this same battle due to his Chronic Illness.  

When your back is against this wall, you suddenly start to see that so many people in this same battle look to more than just what their doctors prescribe to help them win. 

HealthScott did not want to settle for his new Normal. He wanted to find a way to bring back quality of life. So, he asked questions, and learned. He was introduced to new options, and he evaluated what they could do to help him. He chose what he would use in his battle. His pain and inflammation subsided as his body fought its battle for balance.  His ease of mobility also improved.

ScottScott is a husband, father, and grandfather. He no longer takes the 13 prescriptions pills daily after his accident.

He now enjoys: Working out, Soccer, Baseball, Swimming, playing wit his Grand kids, and so much more with his family and friends. He physically and emotionally is winning this battle, because his quality of life and family are worth it.


Life Today

ScottScott did not settle. He fights. His body fights every day, as all of ours do. A silent battle that is always waging until we start to lose. Only he has taken steps to arm his body with what it needs to fight and win. Like my husband, he knows how priceless it is to have quality of life, and that it is not just his which is on the line. That priceless quality time with his family and friends is now something he is determined to share with the people he meets daily. Helping to arm them in their fight.

Would you fight?  

ScottI am proud and honored to share the stories of the people in my life who inspire me.  They remind me that we can all challenge what seems to define our lives.  We can all Take Charge and Not just Suck it Up!  Follow this link to meet more people who will inspire you…

Take charge of your Health and Well being. Follow this link to learn more about what options Scott followed in his battle…



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