Did you make Someone Smile today?

Life is a Challenge for us all, gift someone with a Smile or Laughter today.

My daily goals include the desire to positively impact someone’s life, and to make them Smile.

Smiling is much more than an involuntary response to things that bring you joy or laughter. 

There are wonderful benefits to smiling. Smiles 1

  • Smiling reduces stress that your body and mind feel,  almost as well as a good night of sleep.  
  • Smiling helps to generate more feelings of happiness within you. 
  • It makes you more attractive to the people around you.
  • Smiling can help boost your immune system, because you are more relaxed.
  • It can lower Blood Pressure.
  • Smiling can give the impression of Success, because you look more confident and relaxed.
  • It also helps you to stay positive.


SmileIt is in our nature to respond to someone genuinely smiling, by smiling in return.  So, being around happy people who are smiling causes you to smile, and so the expression that smiling is contagious.  Our brain associates feelings of happiness with smiling.

When we associate happiness with people, we often like them more.  And this allows for a more open feeling about developing a relationship with this person.

There are many ways to make people smile.

Smiles 2

  • You can share an anecdote.
  • You can like what they post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  • You can post images on your social media of things which make you smile and laugh.  People with a similar sense of humor will connect with this.
  • You can smile, even when you are speaking to someone on the phone.  Though the person cannot see you, the tone of voice will normally reflect your mood.




Reading your body language and facial expression is an easy way to gauge how a person is responding to your attempts to make them smile, and it is more difficult to do this through social media.  So, now we have Emojii’s to help us.  


Life was difficult for the first 7 years after my husband was diagnosed with his Chronic Neuro-Muscular Illness.  It tookSmiles 5 a physical and mental toll daily.  But, I am an optimist and my children and small things daily would remind me to smile.  This was a powerful tool that I used to get me through the day.  

Smiles 3Since Aug. of 2014, my life has significantly changed in a positive way. I still actively do my best to inspire people, and help them smile because of how important it was for me. While I cannot erase the challenge they are facing, I can give them options, and ideally a smile to help lift the stress of their day.

When I can help to make someone smile, I also feel their happiness, and in return it makes me happy.  


I saw something posted on Facebook Recently that I thought was awesome, and I recommend this to you:

  • Take an empty Mason Jar. 
  • Over the year, put in small notes about things that went well, and inspired you.
  • These can be small things, or big.
  • Look at these any time you feel the pull of a bad day.
  • Take stock at the end of the year of all the things that were wonderful.


Happiness is a choice, so go out there and help someone Smile Today!



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