Defeating the 2 pm Dip in Energy!

So, am I crazy, or do you have the same 2 pm dip in energy and desire to focus that I do?

I used to wish that I lived in certain parts of the world where taking a siesta was considered normal to the daily routine.  Recharging Energy

It always seemed as if I was struggling to keep up with the fast paced life that I had.  Dealing with getting up early in the day, managing the schedules of my kids, my work schedule, the house, and still finding time to be me, with energy.  

Often hitting 2 pm and just wanting to take a time out.  Starting my day at 6:30 am, and finishing up at 11 pm is a long haul!  

I used to win this battle more easily when I was younger, and then as I got older I could win with caffeine.  I did avoid Energy Drinks.  But managed to get up to sometimes 6 or 7 cups of coffee in a day.  This resulted in the shakes, headaches if I missed my morning brew, and made me cranky and dependent.  

Caffeine EnergyUnlike many of my friends I did not end up buying shares in some popular coffee shops, where buying a coffee for 4$ was normal.  What?  Thank goodness, as at 6 – 7 cups a day, this would be a very expensive pick me up.

One of my clients, a company President, had his own problem.  I walked into his office at 1 pm, and he already had 4 Large cups of coffee, with lids, on his desk.  Plus two extra large caffeinated soft drinks.  He confessed that this was a normal day for him, and that he would spend over 30$ per day for stimulation.  Wow.

So, I gave him a sample of what I was now replacing my fix with.  A small sachet with a mix of ingredients, that when added to water, tastes like Tang.  It gives me more mental focus and energy than the coffee within 20 minutes, without the stimulants, or side effects.  It helps me to be more myself.

For my husband with a chronic illness, which is neuro-muscular, and ADHD, it helps him to feel more natural energy consistently throughout the day as well as mental focus, and has resulted in less frequent medication. Energy Focus

When facing the load of laundry which needs to be folded, one of my most hated chores, I no longer postpone it due to lack of energy.  I find myself doing this chore without a second thought.  And when I am sitting in long business meetings, or getting up to do a presentation, I am completely on top of things.  I am more efficient than ever.

So, we spend less, feel better, and are kicking the 2 pm dip in the butt!

The client tried the sample.  While I had met with him for my position in the Financial Industry, he is now also following my advice and spending far less on his need to focus and have energy to get through his daily challenges.  In a safe and natural way.

We are no longer victims of the 2 pm dip.  Are you?

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