Closer to Normal

For some people, this is what they dream of.

They may not be ambitious enough to dream of being Back to Normal, but will be more than satisfied with getting Closer.

Most of us have some type of challenge we face, and this is not always obvious to the people around us. It can be with our Family, our Finances, our Work, or our Health.

Today I want to share the story of a really good friend of mine.


NormalHer Normal Life

Like most of us, she was living the life she was comfortable with, even if it was not her dream, yet. A wife, mother of 2 boys (12 and 1 in 2006), employee, and had her own budding business. Life was moving in the right direction.


Her Changed Normal


Martine with her Son, wearing her wrist brace, during one of her better days.

In 2006, when she was 42, she had an accident at work. During the investigation of her injuries they found a bigger problem. Does this sound familiar?

While she recovered and was able to return to work, her Normal was changed.  This underlying problem grew worse over the years.

Her older son saw her Normal Change. She would have no energy, be in pain, and need to rest often. She was unable to play with her younger son, his Normal was her being in too much pain, or too tired.

Over time, as her symptoms worsened, she was put on many medications.

She sought treatments and medications with:

  • an osteopath,
  • an acupuncturist,
  • a physio-therapist,
  • and her doctors.
  • She modified her diet,
  • and was open to consider all options.  

All of these helped to various extents.

In 2011 she had two serious falls. These resulted in two bad concussions, and she finally was forced to stop her job.


This became her permanent bracelet.

  • By now she would have 1 good week per month.
  • She wore a wrist brace.
  • She was felt as if maybe there was no hope for improvement, and no solutions for her.


In the Spring of 2015 she was sitting at the Hockey Arena watching her son practice.

She started chatting with my mother-in-law about the team, and eventually this led to other conversations. Noticing her brace, my mother-in-law asked her what happened.  

She opened up, and explained some of her challenges.

My mother-in-law then said: You need to talk to my Son. 

As it happened, my husband arrived to watch our daughter on the soccer field in the same complex. Only he spent the next hour chatting with her. Having to face a chronic illness himself, he understood this impact all too well (see his story here).

Having the chance to speak with an understanding person helped her. She saw how my husband was doing and asked him questions. After sharing, she decided to research further, and decided that why not see if it would help her.


Her Closer to Normal Life Today


No more brace.

Each morning now she awakens, and no longer worries about a Bad Surprise.  She even wakes up 1 hour before her alarm clock goes off. Even when she is affected by the weather, she still works on her business from home. Not worried that this will persist for weeks, as her bad days are still better than her best days used to be.

She now plays with her son. Gets to be a wife. No longer wears the wrist brace.

In effect, she has gotten her life back. Not because of 1 simple thing.

  • Because of her.
  • She decided to keep looking for solutions.  
  • She decided to Take Charge.  

She realizes that she is not cured, and that over time this problem will still remain.  But the symptoms have less of an impact on her life, and she no longer lives daily with pain levels at 8 – 10.  She takes much less medication, and has a goal to be medication free.


Back to work feeling Closer to Normal.

She now has two Home Businesses, works to help the needy raise funds, and is succeeding in all 3. Working from Home gives her better control of her Schedule and Success than being an employee. Plus it allows her to meet so many people online, over the phone, and in person at events. She loves to meet people and lights up a room.

She has also become a great friend, and together we are changing people’s lives by sharing our stories.

She is now living her Close to Normal. She is now working towards her dreams again, and has found new purpose.

Please note that everyone’s body is unique. We are all fighting battles within, and outside of ourselves.

The products that we take do not claim to treat or cure you. They were created in a way to deliver to your cells what they need to produce an element crucial to your health and well being. What your body then does is the miracle. But this battle is different for each of us.

If you want to learn more about this element, and want us to share more details about these products, click here.

Do not let your challenges define you. Be bigger than they are, and find a way to adapt and thrive. There are options out there for all of us, but you need to be open to the possibility, paying attention, and then Taking Charge by learning more.  

I am not saying that every day will be a victory, but each day provides the opportunity for a victory, and that, in itself, is amazing.

We wish you the best in finding your Close to Normal.

Let me know what you liked best....

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