Authority Figure

5 Ways to become an Authority Figure in your Network

A large part of the Success that I have built has hinged on my ability to become an Authority Figure.  I will share some of the ways to become this quickly within your network. Let me start by explaining why this is important first. Being an Authority Figure does this for you with your audience:…

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Chronic Illness

4 Survival Tips for living with a Loved one with a Chronic Illness

Today I am sharing some of the Survival tactics that I have used over the past almost 9 years, as I moved through the uncharted waters of living with a Chronic Illness in my household. Honestly, I had to Suck It Up for a long time while dealing with His Illness and the Impact to his Health.…

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Chronic Illness Family

Kicking Chronic Illness in the Butt!

Do you or anyone you know of live with a Chronic Illness? In my household alone we have two.  Me with Psoriasis, and my husband with a Neuro-Muscular Chronic Illness. Today I am going to share his story with you, and how he is now no longer allowing himself to be defined by his challenges.…

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Defeating the 2 pm Dip in Energy!

So, am I crazy, or do you have the same 2 pm dip in energy and desire to focus that I do? I used to wish that I lived in certain parts of the world where taking a siesta was considered normal to the daily routine.   It always seemed as if I was struggling…

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Who is Controlling your Retirement?

I know, this may seem far off in the future for you.  Time has a way of getting past us quickly, and honestly, it takes some time, decisions, and actions to ensure that you have the LIFESTYLE you want, when you retire. One of our business partners was lucky enough to retire from his company…

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Me Tick

What Makes you Tick?

Why do we make the decisions we do?  This is what makes us tick. It has a massive impact on what you do, and how successful you will be. Before you select what company you wish to work for, or which industry, you need to ask yourself some important questions. What makes you get up…

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The Power of Your Why!

For Network Professionals, their why is a Powerful tool.  Here are the Reasons: It is what will motivate you to continue, even when you face challenges. People are attracted to people they like, and your personal why will let them start to know you  better.  Knowing you better will result in them getting to like and trust…

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