Network Marketing

6 Areas to Evaluate in a Network Marketing Company!

So, you have decided to Take Charge!   You are giving yourself a raise, or testing your Entrepreneurial Talents out.   Whatever the reason is, you have decided that Network Marketing is the right option for you. Should you jump at the first opportunity you are presented?   Should you work with your brothers cousin…

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Network Marketing: What’s the Truth? Part 2

Why are there so many people involved in Network Marketing Companies? Over 200 Million is paid out in commissions in this industry every day.  Is Network Marketing for you? Do you need or wish to earn an additional income monthly? Are you looking for something to give you control over your schedule, and to be…

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Network Marketing

Network Marketing: What’s the Truth? Part 1

  There are many feelings people get when they hear the words, Network Marketing.   These can be good, or bad feelings depending on that person’s experiences, or what they have heard second hand. What do you know about this type of sales method? What is Network Marketing? This is the use of a network…

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Are you Living your Dreams?

When you were little, you dreamed of a future full of promise, with few limitations. Then you got caught up in life. Making a Vision Board can help you to get in touch with what motivates you! Do not let your current life define you. You can still dream, and with perseverance and planning, achieve…

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5 Entrepreneur Options to Consider

Are you considering becoming an Entrepreneur? This is a Great Way to Take Charge and no Longer Suck it Up!! An Entrepreneur does not accept things as they are, and they push themselves to break free of the mold made for an employee. They are willing and able to take risk for their dream. Did…

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Weight Loss

6 Tips to Help you lose Unwanted FAT!

I am sharing my tips on how to feel better, and fit back into those jeans in your closet! Keeping to your Resolution and Promise to yourself has never been easier! Spring Break and Holidays are around the Corner! I know that you have them! Clothes you used to fit into, and they are hanging…

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Are You Comfortable in Your Discomfort?

Many people are.  Whether in their relationship, their physical health (or lack thereof), financial situation, or their JOB. They just SUCK IT UP, and carry on. At what point will they finally move to action to do something about this? Challenging the balance is a hard thing to do, the unknown can be frightening. With…

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Social Media

5 Reasons you Should be on Social Media for your Business

Are you using Social Media in to help with your Business in Sales or Networking? If not, why not? Social Media is here to stay, and it’s ever evolving ways that we can connect cannot be ignored. Everyday, as you sit for coffee at your local cafe, or at a local arena, everyone is on…

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Authority Figure

5 Ways to become an Authority Figure in your Network

A large part of the Success that I have built has hinged on my ability to become an Authority Figure.  I will share some of the ways to become this quickly within your network. Let me start by explaining why this is important first. Being an Authority Figure does this for you with your audience:…

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Chronic Illness

4 Survival Tips for living with a Loved one with a Chronic Illness

Today I am sharing some of the Survival tactics that I have used over the past almost 9 years, as I moved through the uncharted waters of living with a Chronic Illness in my household. Honestly, I had to Suck It Up for a long time while dealing with His Illness and the Impact to his Health.…

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