6 Tips when Travelling to an International Convention/Event!

You have finally decided to attend an International Convention, and have booked your flight, hotel, and event tickets!   You can feel the momentum building, and you have not even left yet. Preparing for this trip will help you maximize the opportunities, and carry the momentum back. Here are a few tips that we learned…

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Part 2

Risk v. Return – Part 2

Success is not a straight path, and as an Entrepreneur it is never assured.  So, when faced with a failure you can decide to change and find a way to succeed, or give up. Alex was not ready to give up, even though he was afraid whatever he did would not work.  His wife Claudia…

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Risk vs. Return – Part 1

Belief that you will succeed can drive you to the top! What if… You were born into a country with few options and at war. You did not Graduate from University. What would your chances be to succeed? What if… You were born into a country at peace, with opportunity and jobs abundant. You had…

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time management

7 Tips to help You Manage your Time!

With 24 hours in a day, how effective are you at managing your Time with Success? This is often a struggle, whether your work from home, or in a 9 – 5 position at an office. Modern technology, which allows us to bring the office home, and our home to work, has crippled many of…

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7 Tips for Business Success while Staying out of Facebook Jail!

Having personally taken the plunge into: Business, Sales, or Network Marketing, you too wish to harness the power in Facebook to grow your market! For the purpose of this blog today, I will touch on tips to help you grow your market organically on Facebook, at little to no cost, and all the while avoiding…

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4 Reasons that you are in Facebook Jail!

You have just started a new career in: Sales, or your new Business, or maybe you are in Network Marketing, and you are excited! This is going to be Great!! With incredible friends, and the possibility of endless new contacts, using social media to grow your business seems easy, and inexpensive.  Your partners and other…

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Facing the Battle Head On!

Each day we face battles.  These can be physical, emotional, or financial.  We can feel overwhelmed. If you were faced with what seemed like impossible odds, what would you do? Would you look for solutions, or face what the future seems to hold without a fight? If your life seemed to corner you into a…

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The Big Question: Are you Happy?

Truth time: Are you happy with the life you have today? Whether you are working or at home.  Where do you find yourself on Maslow’s Hierarchy? I want to share the story of an incredible woman who is taking steps to achieve her self-fulfillment… Anne’s Dream Anne had a Godmother who was a successful business woman,…

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Leading the way to Success with the Tools Today!

Sheena is setting goals for her peers and showing them how to obtain their dreams. Many journalists and adults today rail against this younger generation entering University and the Workforce. Millennials. Their reality is quite different from that which we had (I am over 40).  Where coming out of University meant you got a well…

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Target Audience

5 Steps to your Target Audience!

Taking these steps is critical to your ability to succeed in your desire to build relationships and sell! Putting together a marketing strategy without a Target Audience will waste your time and energy, and can negatively affect your image in the marketplace. Your products or services may be the best in the market, and you…

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