4 Steps to Develop your Marketing Plan!

Are you using the RIGHT marketing strategy and tools to get the results you want? Having started your own company, a sales position, or gone into Network Marketing, you are now looking to share your products and opportunity. How can I do this effectively? How do companies do this? OMG, what if I fail? Before you get…

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Are you Business Coaching for Success?

You have followed your passion and are excited about the opportunity in front of you, but what comes next? There are many steps and things that you will do in the beginning to build a strong foundation to your success.  One of the most crucial will be selecting and working with a Coach within your…

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Gaining a New Life while Losing the Weight!

Are you challenged by physical, financial, or emotional weight? In some cases, this is not visible to the outside world.  Such as with my Husband, who has a chronic illness, which for many years impacted his quality of life, and ability to live his dreams. See his story here. In other cases these challenges are…

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Online Success with Sales Funnels!

There are many effective tools in marketing yourself, your products, and your organization. I want to share one of the best ways to leverage your message and result in attracting clients and potential new partners to you. The goal of marketing is to get a commitment: their contact details, a request for more information, or…

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Working on your Mindset!

Are you taking the time and effort to Invest in Yourself? This applies to everyone, no matter what you do. To be able to successfully tackle your work or business requires the right Mindset. You are important, and contribute to the Health, Happiness, and Success of your Household.  Your Brain needs to be exercised regularly,…

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Closer to Normal

For some people, this is what they dream of. They may not be ambitious enough to dream of being Back to Normal, but will be more than satisfied with getting Closer. Most of us have some type of challenge we face, and this is not always obvious to the people around us. It can be…

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Personal Branding

7 Steps to Successful Personal Branding!

You are MUCH more than the Company you work for! To be able to really compete in today’s online world, you need to be actively working on your brand.  If not, someone could be stealing your name, and affecting your ability to get the promotion, or the new job you want.     In our…

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Residual Income

Residual Income: How to get it, and why you want it!

Do you know what Residual Income is? Everyone wants it. Let us start with why you want it. Residual Income is when you are paid for an action you have taken in the past. Even after this action is done. Example: You invest in a stock. This investment pays you dividends, and when you eventually sell…

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Social Media Success

Tips for Selling Via Social Media

So, you have decided to sell your products or services through Social Media.   A study by Shareaholic, tracked 300,000 websites over four months, suggested that social-media referrals now lead to 30 percent of websites’ overall traffic.   So, what should you do to use the power of Social Media to broaden your audience, and convert…

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3 Steps to Setting Successful Goals!

Have you already mapped out your Goals for this coming year?  I know that I have. In fact, when I joined the organization that I am working with, I set my Goals on day 1. Do you leave the house without a destination in mind? What about the planning involved?: the route, the gas or…

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