Leading the way to Success with the Tools Today!

Sheena is setting goals for her peers and showing them how to obtain their dreams. Many journalists and adults today rail against this younger generation entering University and the Workforce. Millennials. Their reality is quite different from that which we had (I am over 40).  Where coming out of University meant you got a well…

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Target Audience

5 Steps to your Target Audience!

Taking these steps is critical to your ability to succeed in your desire to build relationships and sell! Putting together a marketing strategy without a Target Audience will waste your time and energy, and can negatively affect your image in the marketplace. Your products or services may be the best in the market, and you…

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Attraction Marketing

Advantages of Attraction Marketing!

Are you looking for Quality Leads for clients, and potential business partners?  What is the Most Effective tool to your Marketing Strategy? For many, this is the use of Attraction Marketing.   Before defining your marketing details, you need to know: what business branding strategy you will use,  who your target market is,  what budget…

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Athletic Edge

Having an Athletic Edge!

What would you do to get the edge in your athletics?  Athletes, like all of us, want the edge. They look to beat their competition, or time, by any margin. This requires: planning, financial support, coaching, training, commitment, learning the most effective techniques, and utilizing the best tools on the market. Whether this is the…

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Balance in the Modern World: Fact or Fiction!

As a woman who has had a career, and worked as an entrepreneur, I have learned a little about this elusive and much sought unicorn… Balance. Balancing your life as a Mother, Worker, Wife, and You.  Can it really be done?   This really depends on your definition of balance. 1 – What are your…

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3 Reasons Blogging might be for You?

Each of Us has an Interesting Story, and useful tips that we could easily share, but do you want to share this with an audience? Obviously I have decided to blog. I benefit from this by making new connections internationally.  I love my subscribers, and am a self admitted geek for information.  So, blogging supports…

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5 Steps to Building Your Own Blog!

I am sharing some of the basic tools you need to successfully: Build a Blog and Go Live! This is meant as a guide to start you off for an Independent Blog.  When you host through Blogspot or MLSP, the blog does not belong to you.  The plugins that you pay for with them, are…

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9 Tips to a Healthier You!

While you are busy with running your life, and trying to balance many things at once, you likely take the quick route when it comes to your health. In fact, you probably do little to help yourself. A few small changes could give you more energy, make you more happy, less vulnerable to developing an…

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Tax Benefits

7 Tax Benefits of your Home Business!

When you are working for yourself suddenly a lot of tax deductions swing your way. Most deductions will revolve around the expenses and activities that you do to run and create revenues for your home business. If you incur expenses in the creation of this taxable income, then you can deduct some or all of…

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13 Amazing Chores a Small Protein Molecule in your Cells Does!

This small protein molecule and what it does in your body changed My Life, that of My Family, and so Many More… In fact, at this time, in an online Database of Globally Published Scientific Research, this molecule is in over 126,000 of those studies as of the Spring 2016. Vitamin C is in only…

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