Are you Living your Dreams?

When you were little, you dreamed of a future full of promise, with few limitations.

Then you got caught up in life. Making a Vision Board can help you to get in touch with what motivates you!

Do not let your current life define you. You can still dream, and with perseverance and planning, achieve your new dreams.Dream_1

Most successful people face failure many times before they succeed. Success is not a straight line, and neither is life.

If you have a physical Vision Board, a solid Personal Why, and a Great Mentor, you will be more likely to succeed. These things remind you of why you are doing what you do, even when you are hit with a challenge.

Be a kid again. Think about the Dreams you now have. You can do this.

A Vision Board is a powerful tool to help you focus on what you want to attract into your life. These dreams represent your ideal life, allows you to explore your own goals and dreams, as well as creativity.

Get out your glue, imagination, some magazines, a poster board, and have fun with it.  You can also use online tools to create a virtual Vision Board, such as: https://dreamitalive.com/, or even Pinterest.




Here are some Tips for building your Vision Board:

  • What you choose needs to be not limited to money, or expertise.
  • It should focus on how you want to feel in your future.
  • Decide what the purpose of your Vision Board is: where you want to live, your physique, personal relationships, financial situation, new position or level in your organization, your living situation, where you want to vacation…
  • Select images from magazines, Pinterest, or other online media.  These images should represent how you feel about the Dreams you have, and should inspire you.
  • You can also include Inspiring Quotes that are associated with your Dreams.Dream House

Keep in mind that these Dreams are thing you wish to change, or move towards. The more you organize and personalize your Vision Board, the more likely you are to want to use it on a daily basis. They do not have to be big Dreams at first, and various areas of your life should be represented on this board.

You can make this a fun group project, and if you have kids, partner, or business team, work on each of your own boards together.



Once you have completed this Vision Board, you will want to put it somewhere that you will see it daily. Possibly the first thing you see in the morning, and the last thing you see at night. Take a picture of your Vision Board and have it on your Phone.


Dream Board


Some may scoff at your Vision Board. Mental focus and determination are reinforced by this visual tool. Visualization is one of the most Powerful mental exercises that you can do. Sharing your dreams with others will help to make them concrete, and allows them to support you in your quest to fulfill them.

A Few Successful People who have Vision Boards: Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, Katy Perry, John Assaraf, Sara Blakely, Ellen DeGeneres.

You may wish to put a time goal for achieving these Dreams. And once you achieve all of the Dreams on your Board, make a new one. Remember to keep your old Vision Boards, and look back to see all that you have accomplished.

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