Are You Comfortable in Your Discomfort?

Many people are.  Whether in their relationship, their physical health (or lack thereof), financial situation, or their JOB. They just SUCK IT UP, and carry on.

At what point will they finally move to action to do something about this? Challenging the balance is a hard thing to do, the unknown can be frightening.Job

With your JOB...

Maybe you went to school, got a degree, and then expected a pay check.  Some form of job security, and an even move up the ladder of opportunity.  But like computers, your education can become outdated over time, if you are not continually upgrading your skills.  

JobFor prior generations a degree meant that you had the edge in the employment game, but this is not true for today. The average income level has dropped for a University Graduate, while the amount of student debt has increased dramatically.  This is not to say that the pursuit of a Degree is not a good thing, but put the outcome into perspective with the real world today.

Many of us are not happy with the additional workloads we have been presented with due to technological advances, that come with new titles, and the same pay. The reduction of any possible overtime or bonus due to economic conditions.  But what can you do?  You need the paycheck!


Do you hate your alarm clock? Do you live for the 2 days off you get a week? Do you even go away on the two weeks of vacation that you have? Are you working where you are because of the bills you have to pay, and no longer having fun? 

Job for Bill

You have residual bills, and need to pay them.  Taking time off from your job, unless covered by vacation pay, will not give you residual income to cover your expenses.

  • You can reassess if you are on target with your career goals, and look for opportunities, inside the company you are with, or outside.
  • Does your company offer education or training to improve your options and income?
  • You can add a second job.
  • You can consider becoming an Entrepreneur, and buying a franchise, an existing business, or opening your own business.
  • You can find a work from home opportunity that is a good fit for you.

job for kidsI know that for me, at about year 12 with my company, my husband was hospitalized, and we had to adjust to the reality of a chronic neuro-muscular illness in our house.  I needed flexibility to be able to care for him, and our three young girls.  But I also needed to make enough money to pay for the bills.  Luckily I was working in a flexible environment, but my income suffered as I had to reduce my work.  I felt a lot of pressure, and started to realize over time that the direction my job was moving in due to changes in technology and policies no longer fit with why I started.  

I am Taking Charge, and no longer just SUCKING IT UP, are you?

I am part of a home based business, in addition to my job. I get to choose my partners, set my hours, and am having a lot of fun. But even more importantly, I am having a significant impact on myself and others, financially, and with health.


Feel free to ask me what I do, as I like to share, and click here!

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