Are you Business Coaching for Success?

You have followed your passion and are excited about the opportunity in front of you, but what comes next?

There are many steps and things that you will do in the beginning to build a strong foundation to your success.  One of the most crucial will be selecting and working with a Coach within your business.



I have found that many people overlook the importance of strong coaches when they choose their organization. 

Then walk away defeated when they do not succeed, because they did not carefully select the right coach and do the work. Joining the next passion, only to once again make the same mistake.

We each have strengths and weaknesses, but a good coach or mentor will work with us through our challenges, and help us to achieve our success.


In Sport

CoachingAs a competitive swimmer, I had natural talent. But this can only take you so far. I needed to change as new methods evolved, and perfect these. Practicing and training was crucial to strengthen and improve my talent to make me a more successful swimmer.

Had I competed on talent alone, this would have given me results, but nowhere near the results I obtained with a coach.


In Business

Let’s cover why a great Coach is important to your Business:

  • A coach will work with you to unearth your Goals.
  • Help you discover your personal Why.
  • Ensure you follow the needed Training.
  • Assist you in mastering the Tools necessary to achieve those goals.
  • Make you to Practice and Prepare.
  • Encourage you when things are difficult,
  • Support you as you work out what works best for you.
  • They will push you, and hold you Accountable to the Goals you have set.


CoachingOften people leave their positions when things get hard.  Starting your own business is hard.  

You may be confident at first, because you love your products, opportunity, or business. This quickly fades when the reality of the work, daily routine, and negative people start to break through.  




A coach does not do the work for you.  But they do help to bring out the best in you.  And they challenge you to discover new talents and skills that you never thought existed within you.




The strong trusting relationship with your coach will play a large part in your success in your business.  This relationship will bear the fruit of confidence, and the ability to coach others to achieve success.



  • If you do not have a coach for your business, then find one.  The ideal candidate is someone you look up to, and feel will hold you to your commitments.  They need to call you out when you do not follow through.
  • Not a yes man.
  • If you love your business, but do not have a good coach in your business, hire one.
  • If you do not love your business, and have no coach, then find an organization that fires a passion within you, and then find the right person within the organization and tell them that you want to work with them, and join their team.



If you wish to succeed in your business, you will have to become a great coach.  Because you will only attract quality people who will stay with you if you can coach them to success as well.  If you are unable to coach others, everything you build, is vulnerable to fall apart. 


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