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Advantages of Attraction Marketing!

Are you looking for Quality Leads for clients, and potential business partners? 

attractionWhat is the Most Effective tool to your Marketing Strategy? For many, this is the use of Attraction Marketing.


Before defining your marketing details, you need to know:

  • what business branding strategy you will use, 
  • who your target market is, 
  • what budget you wish to use,
  • how much time and energy you wish to put in.

I touch on these details in the post I have about Marketing.


What is Attraction Marketing?

Value ContentThe use of education, or stories, specifically designed to create a connection, or response with your target audience. The purpose of which is to add value to the experience of your target audience with you, and your offer. Thereby attracting the attention of this target audience. This is also sometimes called Content Marketing due to the quality of the Content. Embedded within the post/share are call to actions for the audience to take depending on your strategy.


sales funnelYou are looking for people to buy, or opt-in to your offer, and not simply sell them. This gives them a sense of some control to this process, even though you have sent them into your Sales Funnel, using your Attraction Marketing content with a guided specific result set in play.


saleSo, although you are still selling to them, it no longer feels like a sale, more like a recommendation. Because you have shown them the benefit to them, not just focused on product details, picture, and price, as in any flyer in your mail. They are therefore attracted to this added benefit, and will choose to buy, subscribe, or learn more…


Knowledge about your target market is key to success with this strategy:

Market1 – What are the demographics of this target market?

2 – What interests or key subjects are important to this market?

3 – Where does your target market spend their time?

4 – What value does your product, service, or opportunity hold for this market?

Answering these questions will help to ensure that you put the effort into the right content, location, and call to action with your Attraction Marketing.

Advertisers use this strategy when they wish to incorporate education to differentiate their products from the competition, or to highlight new features and benefits. Realizing that the Brand or Packaging may not be enough to trigger a sale.

Example: Movie trailers.  They select parts of the movie which will create a calculated response from their audience. Then the placement for these trailers may be on a social media platform, or in a Theater prior to a movie which is already geared to the audience in the theater.  Thereby selling you on a future movie.  



The Outcome

  • Your offer is unique due to your personal added value.  
  • You are given an opportunity to build a relationship, and establish trust if your content is true value, and well researched.
  • The ones who connect with this message will ask for more details, or decide to buy.
  • Your audience has had an opportunity to evaluate, get educated, and connect with the value you are adding to the product or service you are offering/recommending.  
  • You will not come across as sales pitchy, and will not likely repel your friends.
  • The quality of leads generated is better due to their exposure to your information prior to asking for more details, which in turn makes it easier to convert those leads into sales.


Please keep in mind that you would need to use trial and error to select the right strategy, content, and placement to suit your target audience, and capture their attention. So, results may vary depending on your efforts while you learn the hot buttons.

I will have a detailed eBook available with tools, and step by step details to help you construct your successful Attraction Marketing messages.

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