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Adjusting Perspective with: Go Pro by Eric Worre

Becoming a Professional Networker, Entrepreneur, or Salesperson requires regular Investment of your Time and some money.

Over 13 posts I will cover the Top Books or Courses that the Top Earners and Leaders, I Interviewed, use on a regular basis. To inspire them in the pursuit of improved Mindset, Posture, and other skills.

Think of this like a Book of the Month club for Your Personal Development!  

This first book was selected by all of the top earners:

Go Pro

Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre.  

Published in 2013, and is a Best Seller, with over 1 million copies sold.  

Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre (audible version).

Feel free to follow the above links to order a copy.

Who is Eric Worre?

  • Over 28 year of Experience in the Network Marketing Industry.
  •  A Top Earner for several companies.  
  • In 2009 he posted his first video on NetworkMarketingPro.com.
  • Has Over 900 Videos posted with various generic tips and trainings for anyone from the above professions.  
  • He is also a Motivational Speaker and has an Annual Convention attended by thousands each year.
  • Draws Top Earners to his Events to Speak and Share their Tips and Skills at his Events, including Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, and so many more.

Review of the Book/Audible:

True to the Title, this book covers in detail Critical Skills in a Strong Networking Professionals Toolbox. He goes into detail about how to successfully include these 7 Skills into your activities and structure.

These include:

  1. Finding prospects – All Networkers are constantly looking for new Leads and Contacts to develop relationships with. This book shares the need to unearth the “why“ and needs of these potential clients or business partners in a seemingly natural way.
  2. Inviting prospects to understand your product or opportunity – Helps you to use of ways to prompt your prospects to ask you questions, by considering what motivates them.  Using conversation and not overwhelming them with all of your knowledge.
  3. Presenting your product or opportunity to your prospects – He helps share tactics which will trigger the curiosity of your prospect, through being concise and engaging. Helping you to pull out all of the best moves to result to obtain their interest, and attention to the what you are about to share.
  4. Following up with your prospects – This is essentially set up by skill 3. It will take on average 5 – 7 exposures before converting a prospect into a client or business partner.  So, if you are not following up, you are missing out.  And 94% of all people in this industry stop following up when they do not get a yes by their 4th contact.
  5. Helping your prospect become customers or distributors –  You need to know how to direct these prospects, and this skill helps you to ask the right questions in order to do so.
  6. Helping new distributors get started right – Once your propsects have accepted to be clients or your business partners, you wish to harness their momentum and excitement. Congratulating them for their new business, and ensuring they have the products and information they need.
  7. Grow your team by promoting events – Whether an in home, local Hotel Event, or a Destination Event. This where your new partners will learn, meet people with similar vision, and create momentum.  They will leave having built confidence.  A successful Event reinforces their decision to be part of your team, and the Organization.


This is one of the First Books we read when we decided to not just treat our Home Based Opportunity as a Hobby.  But to Learn the right Skills to transition into Networking Professionals, and be able to teach other Entrepreneurial Minded People to do the same. Duplication.

He gives common sense instructions to Achieve each of these Skills.

The Steps and Skills he shares are Logical, and Easy to do.

He uses:

  • His own experiences 
  • Anecdotes

To Reinforce the How, and Importance of each Skill.

I recommend that you write notes as you listen, and consider how best for you to implement these into your activites.

Partner up with your Coach/Mentor/Team and practice putting these skills to the test.

I listen to the Audible Version once per month, and I find that I still pick up new details overlooked previously.

As you are becoming more skilled in the Networking Profession you will notice different nuances in this book. A bit like watching the Movie: The Sixth Sense, Seven, or the Usual Suspects for a second or third time. You are more aware, and will connect to different parts of this book than you had previously.

I highly recommend reading or listening to this book.  And if you are lucky enough to attend one of his Events, do so.

Eric Worre has an excellent understanding of how to succeed in this industry and is a Wealth of Information that he shares to help you Go Pro!

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