Hello, I am Lori Labre

Hello, I am Lori Labre!

Have you ever said to yourself, just suck it up, when things at work, or at home end up on your shoulders? Are you wanting to make a difference but not sure how? Are you feeling insecure about your future and ability to successfully balance who you are, with what you do on a daily basis? Are you looking at how to tap into it your personal why to help secure your financial and overall health?


job comfortThat was me in 2000.  As a result, I decided to leave my office position and steady pay check for a commission and network based work environment.  My first daughter was only 6 months old, and I wanted to find a way to spend time with my family.  

I wanted to make a significant difference for people in their financial situation, and thought I could while working the Financial Industry. It was a good fit for me. I know, boring, but I really enjoyed it.

At the time, there were few specialists in my field, and the income potential was unknown.  But over the following years I built up a 6 figure income, and had two more children.  I was living my dream. And in 2007, shortly after the birth of my 3rd daughter, things changed.


HospitalMy husband suddenly got very sick, and this put him in hospital / recovery / rehabilitation for the next 7 months.  At 33, I thought that I had planned for many of life’s challenges, but was not prepared for this.  He was diagnosed with a Neurological condition which affected his physical mobility, and the symptoms could be somewhat managed through medication and treatments, which have long term negative side effects.  

job for kids

I had to prioritize, taking care of his needs in addition to our kids.  And this brought financial stress, as well as the new experience of our medical system, medical condition, medications, and having to manage my expectations.


Job for BillMy husband did recover slowly, but even by Aug. of 2014 he still had significant limitations. These years taught me many survival skills that I still use daily. And gave me confidence in myself. But it also had a major impact on our financial situation.

The market for my job was significantly changing as well.

Discomfort at JobIt was now more administratively heavy, as the company I worked with cut back on support staff and leaned more on my position to carry out these tasks.  It was more efficient for them, and less so for me.  My position also became more data entry and less advice based. I felt that what I did had little value for the clients, and that I was simply a number.  

And while I had understood this logically, I wanted to be MORE.


How could I adjust what I was doing to achieve the flexibility I wanted for my family, the financial needs of our new household, and be true to myself?


In the spring of 2014 I bumped into a friend in a line-up.  He invited my husband and I to learn about something he felt would significantly impact my husband’s health.  We were open to consider options.  So, we invited him to our home, and he explained the nature of what he had found.  We researched it in our way.  And in August of 2014, my husband decided to become a client. We saw a major difference in just 4 days. 



EntrepreneurOver the first 4 months of taking the products his health improved significantly, and in Dec. 2014, we decided to join the business. We were already sharing the benefits with others daily, and we understood the income potential of Network Marketing, and RESIDUAL INCOME.  We wanted in.  Why not work hard and obtain the results in a few years of work, fewer than the 40 I would need in my JOB, and in a way that was a great fit for us? So we adjusted our schedule, and launched our new business in Jan. 2015.

Health JF


We moved up several rank levels within the first month.  Using our physical network of contacts.  We are now International Business Developers, and in Sept. 2015 my husband was asked to be a speaker at our Annual International Business Conference, something he would not have been able to do a year prior. 




BrandI started part-time, and I maintain the position that I have had for the past 15 years, which is something many people do.  I am now doing something even more significant than helping people restructure their budget, I get to help people to increase their income.  This is true whether you are part of my team, or because you are looking into the power of Personal Branding and taking control of your value.

Everything requires work and ongoing learning.  You will need to become an even better you, if you want to be successful.  People and companies will want to work with you, because of how valuable you are.

Smart_ToolsIn Oct. 2015 I decided I needed to up my game, and have a more significant online presence.  And I looked for guidance and found someone who has a great bag of tools.

I wanted a strong Offline and Online Marketing Strategy, which would BRAND ME, not the company or businesses I work with.  I am sharing some of the tools that am using to improve my Offline and Online Strategy in the Resources section of this site, as well as in the posts I put on this Blog.  



I no longer SUCK IT UP.  I am taking charge of my future.  My life is full of people who inspire me daily.  I am constantly working to learn new skills, and improve upon existing ones.  I get to travel to places that I had never imagined I would.  I get to touch people’s lives in the significant way that I always wanted, whether their Health or in their Finances.  I have the opportunity to share this experience with my family and we get to do exciting things together.


In Dec. 2015 my husband and I were awarded the Inspiration Award for our contribution to our teams development through various media, presentations, and training’s.


I look forward to the day where I will finally be doing this full time, and am so glad to combine my passion with my business, and hope you are too!

While things will continue to change in the future, my PERSONAL BRAND will help me to weather changes with my employer, any new company or business that I may work with, and my contacts.  And I am excited to share and help you to do the same.

It is great to meet you new friend.  Let me know how I can help to add to your success!

If you want to see my Husband’s Story, follow this link, because you can successfully work this business even with a Chronic Illness!!