9 Tips to a Healthier You!

While you are busy with running your life, and trying to balance many things at once, you likely take the quick route when it comes to your health. In fact, you probably do little to help yourself.

A few small changes could give you more energy, make you more happy, less vulnerable to developing an illness, and make you feel more in charge of your body.

fast foodSilently the food you are eating, and the toxins in the air, water, and soil, have been working against you, and your bodies natural balance and systems. Not to mention the new highs we face in stress levels from our attempts to balance our lives, work, and finances. It is often a losing battle, and we end up relying on Coffee, Energy Drinks, Fast Food, and Quick Solutions. Which then results in Chronic Illnesses and impact to our Quality of Life.

PharmaSo, rather than leaving it to Big Pharma to deal with our symptoms, why not work on the basic needs our bodies have, to change this around and deal with the first dominoes to fall?

1 – Drink more water.

WaterNo, 6 coffees a day does not count as 6 glasses of water. Put down that Diet Cola, it is not the solution that you are looking for.

Keep it simple, drink more water.

This helps your body to remove the toxins that it is filtering and trying to remove.

2 – Eat more fiber.

FiberThere is a good balance of Soluable and Insoluable fiber to take daily, and it will also be used by your body to transport out the toxins and fat, without being re-absorbed. To be healthier, you need to remove these toxins.

Fiber can be found with certain grains, fruits, and vegetables.

3 – Move more for your Health.

Stop sitting in front of your electronic devices for an entire day, then returning home to sit in front of a TV for hours before bed.

MoveGo for a walk in the morning to get your blood flowing. Then do so again at lunch. And heck, why not again after dinner. This is low impact, and will help keep you limber. It is also cost effective, and the sunlight and fresh air has amazing positive effects on your body.

Or how about doing 25 jumping jacks.

Moving helps with your mood, and energy level. It does not have to be a full work out.

Step TrackerAlso consider getting a step tracker, or install one on your phone. Challenge yourself. As you go about your daily activities you will be surprised how many steps you take.

4 – Relax and Do Something for Yourself!

RelaxDo not let stress run your life. Scientific research proves that there is a significant impact to your energy and ability to function due to Stress.

So, turn your phone off at night. Get off Facebook, unless you are watching puppy or kitten videos. Stop watching the News before bed.

Find something you love to do, and make time for it in your life. Book the time, and do it. Tell your kids it is your time, and that while you love them, you too need to recharge your batteries, and this does not mean forcing yourself to stay up for 1 hour after they finally go to sleep so that you get me time.

5 – Get a good night Sleep.

SleepThis is crucial for your body to be able to repair itself and recharge your batteries. Not getting enough sleep will make you cranky, tired, have less energy, and less capable to function for a full day.

6 – Do not Eat after 7pm.

Stop eating a heavy meal after 7pm. This sits in your stomach, and your body does not have enough time to digest prior to going to bed.

The result is that you do not sleep as soundly. Remember #5, Get a good night’s sleep.  I much needed compenent to your Health.

7 – Plan your meals and read the labels.

Make time to plan out your meals. Even if this includes going out.

HealthyActually pay attention to the amount of Sugar and Salt you take in daily. It hides in everything. From the juices, ketchup, white bread, cereal, milk, frozen fruits or veg., and so many other foods. Focus on the reduction of these in your daily meals. This especially includes packaged dressings, soups, and sauces. Yummy yes, Healthy no.

Do not skip meals.

Consider eating your heaviest meal in the morning, a mid-sized meal at lunch, and your smallest meal of the day, with only a hand-sized portion of protein at night.

8 – Look to Supplement.

Generally #7 is tough. We often make on the run choices.

So, be sure to have a high quality vitamin, and possible supplement handy. Ensuring that your body has the high quality ingredients it needs to run smoothly is key to tackling the hardest of days, and keeping you less vulnerable to depression, and illness.  So, to keep you Healthy.

Over the Counter vitamins are often not the best solution. Easy and inexpensive yes. But, they may have a lot have fillers and extra minerals that are not good for your body. A lot of the ingredients may be sourced from questionable sources. So, spend some time doing your research. Here is a link to the vitamins I love to take.

CellsTake the time to invest in learning about the best fuel for your bodies systems, and how to support your bodies functions. The best quality anti-oxidant, and defender against oxidative stress is already in your body. In fact your cells produce this when they have the right ingredients. Click here to learn more.

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You can take charge of your Health, and are worth the investment of time, learning, money, and effort. In the long run you will be happier, and enjoy a better quality of life, and aren’t you worth that?

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