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7 Tips to help You Manage your Time!

timeWith 24 hours in a day, how effective are you at managing your Time with Success?

This is often a struggle, whether your work from home, or in a 9 – 5 position at an office.

Modern technology, which allows us to bring the office home, and our home to work, has crippled many of us. It also distracts us.

Managing our time is becoming increasingly difficult, but this skill is just as essential today, as ever, to our ability to achieve our goals.

Let us take a few moments away from our fitbits or Social Media, and look at some options to help us succeed at Managing Time through this clutter.

  1. Have a daily purpose or goal.
  2. Set a Daily Plan and Routine.
  3. Complete the Priority Tasks first.
  4. Stick to your Schedule.
  5. Learn to say No.
  6. Delegate.
  7. Sleep 7 – 8 Hours per night.

1 – Your Purpose or Goal.

Each of us has a different reason to improve our time management:

  • timespend more time with our families.
  • become more effective at work.
  • add more training sessions with partners.
  • be able to take more time to travel.


Once you know what you are working towards, the next step is to track your routine to look for time wasters.

2 – Evaluate your Daily Plan and Routine.

timeI recommend taking a note pad with you daily for a week. Write down everything that you do during the day.  This includes time spent on personal and work related activities, as well as distractions and errands.

Once done, break these into productive and unproductive activities. Productive ones being what is leading you to the earlier goal.

You also need to evaluate when those productive tasks should be done during the day or week.

Examples – you spend 4 hours per week on the phone scheduling appointments with potential clients or partners. If this results in less time on the road and more sales, then this is not a wasteful activity.

Spending 3 hours per day posting links and ads on various social media groups and sites to find business. Yielding mixed results in business growth or sales.

3 – Prioritize!

timeThis task is easier when you have done steps 1 – 2, and properly evaluated the activities which are giving you the results towards the goals you desire.

Knowing what activities are helping you to get the results you wish, and where you are losing time, you can more effectively book time into your day for the right activities.

4 – Setting a Schedule and Respecting your Time frame.

timeCheck your schedule each night, and take the time to prepare for the next day. This includes daily tasks, as well as appointments.

Please ensure to arrive early. Whether this is bringing your child to a ballet recital, or meeting a prospect for coffee.

1. Schedule your time and take the results from steps 2 & 3 to help you schedule the tasks based on priority and most effective time for these to be carried out.  Do add your To Dos as well, and check things off as you accomplish or complete the items or meetings.

time2. Sticking to your schedule will help you feel more confident that you are actually in control of the day, and will help you focus more on the task at hand. It will also show respect to your child, or prospect.

Remember, time is when stuff happens… So, leaving yourself enough time between your daily activities will help you to deal with some interruptions without feeling behind.

This means you need to be reasonable with your time scheduling, and do not expect to hit every green light during your day!

5 – Just Say NO!

timeFor People pleasers, this is very difficult.

But your children can learn to pour their own milk. Your co-workers can do their jobs.

You do not need to do everything, even if you do it all perfectly.  

You are in charge of your To Do list, and your work, not theirs. No is not a bad word, but it is a freeing word. Being able to say No will keep you on track for Managing your Time.

6 – Delegate to people or Tools.

My husband and I use an app called Any.do.  It allows us to set a task for our partners, to receive tasks, and to also confirm their completion.  

We use an auto-responder which sends regular emails with information and links to our subscribers.

timeThere are apps to help post to your social media throughout the day.

Delegating tasks which are routine and do not require you personally, will free up time to focus on the activities which are.

7 – Get 7 – 8 Hours of Sleep per Night.

Getting a good night of sleep will help your body and mind to be better prepared for the day.  

timeSome benefits:

  • Mood
  • Mental Focus
  • Energy Level
  • Physical Recovery

All of which help you to have a more successfully productive day.

These tips on Time Management only work if you put them into practice.  And while habits can take 21 days to become more natural, the long term benefit is worth the effort for your success.  Whether managing a busy family schedule, trying to balance family with work, running your own business, or competing in a sport.  

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