7 Tips for Business Success while Staying out of Facebook Jail!

Having personally taken the plunge into: Business, Sales, or Network Marketing, you too wish to harness the power in Facebook to grow your market!

For the purpose of this blog today, I will touch on tips to help you grow your market organically on Facebook, at little to no cost, and all the while avoiding Facebook Jail!

FacebookWhat is Facebook Jail?

It is a time out for a Facebook user due to behavior against the Terms of Service that Facebook has, or because someone has reported commercial behavior on your personal profile.  You are blocked from posting, commenting, and can even have your profile deleted.

That is not great for your reputation, or any momentum.

1 – Read and Understand the Facebook Terms of Service.

If you do not know what a No-No is, you will after you take the time to look this over.

2 – Set up a Separate Profile (in addition to your Personal Profile)!

Which type will depend on your overall plan or strategy:

  • Business PageBusiness page
  • Private or Open Group page
  • Fan Page


Each serves a different purpose, and you can start with one, and then add the others.

 Learn about the differences prior to starting one of these pages.  They are free.

You can share posts that you put in your Business page to your Personal Page as needed.

3 – Make sure to complete the About information.

This is true whether you are building a Personal page, or any of the others.  

AboutIn part, this proves that you are not a robot, and also adds credibility and information needed to find common ground.  It is easier to develop a relationship with your followers, or friends, if you are authentic.

You can add links to your business page, or website, as well as other contact information so that they can reach you for information.  


**You are Added Value!!

4 – DO NOT Send Significant numbers of Friend requests at a Time.

Friend RequestIf you like, comment, and share people posts, then in these numbers will grow organically.  People will be curious about you.

If you are joining groups where your target market, or common interests lay, then be interesting and supportive in these groups.  

Look to make friend requests from people you wish to build a relationship with online, and send them a short message to Thank them for accepting your request.

**Do Not Dive into your business offer off the bat!

5 – Post Original Content!

When you are putting together something to post, think about what message you are passing along.  Are you looking to inspire, offer a tip, be a bit goofy, make a recommendation?  

Be interesting and try to create and post original content.

Target AudienceUse:

  • your own pictures,
  • your own words,
  • create a blog post,
  • make a Video.

**Individuality pays significant dividends in the long term.

If you post a generic ad for a product or business, this may already be flagged as a spammy post in Facebook, or by Google.

You can also decide to Boost your posts on Facebook, which will bring you to a larger audience outside of your friends, or people who have liked your page, but this does come at a cost.  The cost depends on how much you wish to spend, and ideally you need to consider the content, and the target for maximum impact.

6 – Post Intermittently During the Day.

FacebookDo not exhaust your market by publishing 10 posts onto your timeline at once, and then proceeding to do the same with all of your groups.  This can be perceived as commercial behavior, and will get you blocked.

Social Media


So, spread the posts out over time during the day.  You can use a Posting App to schedule when your posts are published, or you can do this yourself manually.  There are Free Apps to help you with this.

You may also wish to adjust the audience to Public or Friends depending on what you are posting.

7 – DO NOT Tag or Add people to Groups or Pictures without their Permission!!!

UnfriendAs exciting as it is to grow your online presence, and social network, this behavior is unacceptable. It is viewed as aggressive, and unprofessional.  

Most people will unfriend you, or report you to Facebook for this behavior.  

This also covers posting your business or product information onto someone else’s timeline.  

Tag people only if they are in the pictures, and have agreed to being tagged.  This posts this item into their timeline, and so exposes this post to their friends.

Adding someone to a group automatically puts post you publish in this Group into their News Feed.  If you feel that your group will add value to this person, then send them a private message via messenger and ask permission to add them. Please wait for their consent!

If you take the time to learn and understand these Facebook Manners, then you are on your way to becoming a Social Media Rock Start in your Business.  Now you are Taking Charge of your online Presence and becoming a True Networking Professional…

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