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7 Steps to Successful Personal Branding!

You are MUCH more than the Company you work for!

To be able to really compete in today’s online world, you need to be actively working on your brand.  If not, someone could be stealing your name, and affecting your ability to get the promotion, or the new job you want.



In our online world, you are vulnerable to being Googled.  What would pop up?  

If you are not controlling your image or name, then people may get the wrong impression of who you are, and this can affect their ability to develop a relationship and trust with you.

You could be losing clients or business opportunities!!

The name of the product or company you work with will get you in the door, and then it is the value you add which completes the sale. 

If you are not sure if Personal Branding is necessary for you, feel free to look at this article from Forbes in June 2015.

I work for a major Bank.  My clients deal with ME, due to the value of advice and support that I bring to the table. In fact Clients contact me years after we worked together to help them for other needs, and most would gladly change Banks if I did.  

If the Bank I work for offers similar services and pricing as the competitors, what makes any transaction unique to the client?  

Me! My Brand!

After over 20 year building my brand and credibility helping people and small business owners, this adds tremendous value to my new passion, as a Networking Professional. This is part of my Brand.

This Applies to anyone working with clients or business partners!

In any Front Line role where you work with clients daily, and build a relationship with them, you are building your brand.  This is true whether you are an employee, self-employed, or working in Network Marketing.

But, what would happen:

  • If the organization changed names?  
  • If you left that company or organization?  
  • If that company closed down?

Personal Branding will help you keep your relationship with your clients, or partners.

Branding Qualities1) What is your Personal Brand 

Do you know who you are?

When you look to brand yourself, you are exposing who you are.  So, be yourself.  

If you were to ask many of your close friends and relatives, what key words would they use to describe you, what would they be?


Ask yourself these questions:  

  • What are your biggest strengths?
  • What makes you unique?  
  • What fires your passions for what you do?

Truthfully answer them, then take the time to analyse the answers to these questions.


2) Who is YOUR target market? targeted sales

Now, this may be an existing client base, or a new one you are looking to develop.

If you have not defined your target market yet, click here to get tips on how.


3) Understanding the Target  Brand Market

  • What are their interests and habits?
  • What are they looking for?
  • Where is it best to connect with them?



Branding4) Have a Plan for your Personal Brand 

What are you looking to do in the coming months and years?

Are you looking for Business Partners or Clients?  

Are you looking to Grow Locally, or Internationally?

Do you know your own Why?

 Define this prior to setting your Personal Brand in motion. Without it, you are wasting your time, and money.


Brand5) Create and Maintain Online Visibility of your Personal Brand 

  • Buy your own Domain Name.  
  • You may, or may not create an actual Website to Position your Personal Brand.  

Some options do cost something.


Social media does provide many options for free!

  • You can create a Business, Group, or Fan Page that is linked to your Personal Facebook profile. 
  • InstagramOnline
  • Pintrest
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

And new options are becoming available regularly.


Branding C6) Everything you do online (and offline) contributes to your Personal Brand

  • You will keep your personal separate from the Business Related Posts, depending on the industry or market you are targeting.


Be consistent in the Content you post, and have an endgame goal in mind.  

As I mentioned previously, be yourself. Be sure to ask people to engage, comment, and share.


Social Network7) Share your Personal Brand with your Market

Organically – in which case you start with your current Network, and ask them to refer and share with their network.  This can take time to grow, but results in a warmer market, and a better connection rate.  And this is free.


Bought Leads or Ad Placement – Sites such as Facebook offer you the possibility of Promoting your material to others, for a cost.  This is also true for Google, and other Media options.


Offline promotion of your Personal Brand 

Talk to people.  Be involved in events.  

Either way, you need to be active.  Your market will forget about you if you do not move.  But, do not burnout your market by posting too much, and please post content that Adds Value!!

What Actions Do I take to Support my Personal Brand?

  • Social Media (Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIN),
  • this Blog, 
  • Webinar,
  • Speaking/Training Events,
  • and Conference Calls.

I work to place consistent content to help my target audience, and work with my Team to ensure that they are Personally Branding themselves.  

If I were to change organizations tomorrow, my online presence would not change much, and my Network would remain with me. 


If you want to be successful, creating a Personal Brand isn’t just an option, it’s a necessity.


Then you need to build your marketing strategy around your Personal Brand, and set your long term goals.  Breaking the journey to success down into steps and short term actions.

Whether you aspire to get that promotion, succeed in building your business, or land your dream job, creating a compelling and consistent brand will help you meet your goals.

Once you can successfully Brand yourself, watch your leads, and sales grow.

Taking Charge of your Future Success, and no longer Sucking it Up!

I share these strategies with my team and people I mentor. Together we can succeed!

If you wish to look over the course I took to help me with my Branding Strategy, Click Here!

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