6 Tips when Travelling to an International Convention/Event!

You have finally decided to attend an International Convention, and have booked your flight, hotel, and event tickets!  

You can feel the momentum building, and you have not even left yet.

event tickets

Preparing for this trip will help you maximize the opportunities, and carry the momentum back.

Here are a few tips that we learned and practice when we travel to our Conventions/Events…

1 – Pack an extra bag.


This is handy as you may have access to new products, before they are sold to the market.  Or, there may be promotions for attendees. You may also buy Samples and Marketing materials at Convention for yourselves, and your team members back home. Having an extra bag to bring back will give you the space you need, and cost less than shipping what you buy back.  Ideally a bag that can collapse.

2 – Research the Area for things to Visit.

el-salvadorYou can go online to research the area around your Convention Hall, and plan an outing with your group to see the local hot spots.  I take it a step further and post in some of my Social Media that I am visiting an area and looking for tips from anyone local.  People love to offer advice, and this often results in new contacts, and lunch or dinner with new friends.


3 – Travel there a Few Days Early.

eventsIf you have the time in your schedule, take advantage and spend a few additional days. Take in the sights and be a tourist.  Make new networks, and spend time with existing partners who are travelling from out of town like you. The relationships that you are making will help your business growth in the long term. 


4 – Do not all sit together in the Airplane or Train.

PlaneIf you are travelling with a group, take the opportunity to sit apart, and get to know your neighbor.  This means listening to them, and asking open ended questions.  Your goal is to get to know them, and develop a new relationship.  If you are many travelling together, and sitting together, this limits the number of people you will meet on the flight.


5 – Be sure to Bring Basic Business Cards.

business cardsNo, not the cards that shout the company that you work in.  The ones that tell people you are an International Business Developer.  Ideally you want to get their information, as you are in the drivers seat, and will contact them.  


6 – Install WhatsApp/IMO/Skype/Viber on your Phone.

messagingThese phone apps are free and extremely popular for voice, messaging, and video by using Data or Wifi and not your phone minutes.  You may also want to contact your Phone provider to see if there is an International package so that you can keep in touch with your business at home.  Sometimes this cost is as little at 10$ per day and well worth it. Also be sure to bring your phone charger, extra battery pack, and the correct adapter.


Now, I also have tips for what to do while at an Event and Convention and will share this in a later post, but wanted to share with you small tips to help you get the most out of this Convention/Event. This is a fantastic way to make, and develop new relationships, which become part of your resources and Network, even if they are not yet in your business.

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