Target Audience

5 Steps to your Target Audience!

Taking these steps is critical to your ability to succeed in your desire to build relationships and sell!

Putting together a marketing strategy without a Target Audience will waste your time and energy, and can negatively affect your image in the marketplace.


Your products or services may be the best in the market, and you may be the next greatest entrepreneur, but until you have taken the time to assess your target audience and create your strategy, you will struggle to make any significant progress.



Consider: Who is the Audience that most Beer companies market to?  What would their advertising look like if they select Women aged 25 – 35?  

So, let’s cover what you need to know…

1 – Is there a need for your product/service?

Who is the most likely group of people or businesses to have this need?  

If you were offering a child fever remedy, who would use your product? The user is not necessarily the buyer…

2 – Learn about this Target Audience.

  • maptheir geographic location
  • their income 
  • male/female
  • who is the shopper/buyer
  • what education level do they have 
  • what are their hobbies
  • what are their habits
  • where do they spend time (online, offline)
  • what topics are of interest to them


Think of it like a treasure map to your destination.

Please do this exercise for both the buyer, and the user of this product/service.  

Now, this can apply to the buyer in a business, as it can to individuals.  Though budgets and number of people involved in the decision to buy will vary.

In the example in Step 1, who would buy the child fever remedy?  Would the child?

*** TIP: Join groups on Social Media where your target audience interact.  Pay attention to what matters to them, and learn their lingo.***

Even the big companies make mistakes, and some examples are here…

3 – Which of these Target Audience members can gain the most from buying your product/service?


This also includes what Motivates their decisions, as well as what level of information this audience would need to be shared to Highlight the benefit of your solution through your product or service.

So, what is the cost to this Target Audience of not addressing this need?  The price to their health, personal, or business success?


In the example from Step 1 and 2, the child would benefit most by taking your product, and by extension the parent or guardian would gain peace of mind.  



4 – Why should this Target Audience see you as any different from other options?

UniqueAre you seen as an Authority Figure? Does this market value Integrity? Are they simply price focused, or looking for a specific feature?  Or are they looking for something to give them the edge, or be unique?

Do you, your products/service offer expertise, something of added value or unique benefit to this Target Audience?

What if you were considered a Health Advocate, and recommended natural solutions for various ailments, and the Audience put a higher value on these solutions than the over the counter options.  This status would definitely carry weight with any recommendation you would make within this Target Audience.

5 – Knowing the Competition…

competitionGoing back to Step 4, use the weaknesses of the competition to Highlight the unique benefits that your product/service offers to this Target Audience based on their needs, and the information you have learned about this group.  This added value can also be due to the unique relationship that you offer, above and beyond the features of your product/services.


In the above steps we used a Fever Remedy, but what if the product was Mascara.  What about your Mascara makes it unique?  Would add value to the Target Audiences experience?  Would a picture of this item be enough to share this added value with my Target Audience?



Taking the time to learn these steps about your target audience will help you to Plan and Create your message to connect with them. Please keep in mind that trial and error will be a part of your overall marketing strategy, but this will help you reach your target sooner.  



This is a big part of your marketing strategy, and to touch more on this, follow this link.

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