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5 Reasons you Should be on Social Media for your Business

Are you using Social Media in to help with your Business in Sales or Networking?

If not, why not?Favicons

Social Media is here to stay, and it’s ever evolving ways that we can connect cannot be ignored.

Everyday, as you sit for coffee at your local cafe, or at a local arena, everyone is on it. We see the smart phones out and people tuned into their network via their devices.

Social Media ToolsThis is not to say that personal connections do not play a role in developing your network. It is however an important new group of tools for you to use.

Even major studios and companies understand this. They put banners and targeted advertising in a much more cost effective manner by using these networks. In fact, each time you share on Facebook that you are going to a Restaurant, or Movie, you are recommending to your network, for free.

If you work in Sales, or in Network Marketing, then you need to find a way to harness this power as well.

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I am listing 5 main reasons here, but there are more depending on your industry, product or service.

1 – Social Media is a Cost Effective Way to market yourself, your products, or services.

Your company may provide materials for you to market, and you can use Social Media to educate with little cost beyond the fee for Internet service. A lot of Social Network sites are free to join and use. The costs for marketing yourself is far less than paying for advertising space, where you are not necessarily reaching your target market.

2 – It can be a platform to make new relationships and build trust.

As you introduce yourself to these new networks, you may wish to sit back and read the posts. Get a sense of the ones which generate the most comments and reaction, other than the kitten videos.Then decide how best to let your audience get to know you. People relate better to people like them, and so be smart, be yourself and share some of you on these sites.

Social Media on the Go3 – It allows you to seek out new customers. and expand your audience to beyond the physical network you have now.

This is useful if your product or service can be offered Internationally, or outside your immediate geographical location. 


4 – Using Social Media can help create more Website traffic.

As people within your new network get to know you, they will be curious, and when presented with the opportunity, will look at your company website. Or they may look at what groups you are part of. Thereby creating more traffic, and more searches for you.

5 – It makes sharing your message and content easier with your audience than through traditional methods.

While you used to exchange information during a face to face meeting, you can do so now while you are sleeping with Social Media. When you are working with International Markets, they are not always on the same schedule as you, but can look at your posts, or information, even when you are not present. Face to Face meetings can still be organized, and you can even use Social Media for that.Which Social Media

While you are using Social Media for the above, you are not doing it to simply SELL. This network development is to build relationships, trust, education, create opportunity outside of your geographical area, and awareness of you and your presence in the market.

So, while Social Media is a fantastic tool to get you better known, it takes more skill, patience, and practice to know how to craft your message, market, and which platform to use to develop your new Network.

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