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5 Ways to become an Authority Figure in your Network

A large part of the Success that I have built has hinged on my ability to become an Authority Figure.  I will share some of the ways to become this quickly within your network.

Let me start by explaining why this is important first.

Being an Authority Figure does this for you with your audience:

  • Seem more knowledgeable
  • Appear to be More successful
  • Build trust more quickly

This in turn helps you to more successfully convert your sales, attract more qualified people to your organization or network, and create momentum for you, and your team.

When you first start with your company (sales job for a company) or organization (networking business), you lack the knowledge and training to make you an authority figure.

But do you need to have all of the answers to be considered an Authority Figure? Absolutely not.  Part of Effective Partnering is working with people who compliment your skills and knowledge.  

Does this mean that you do not have to do the training and learn about the products, and services your company or organization sells? Absolutely not.  Long term, you will need to understand these details to sustain the momentum and position as an authority figure.

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Step 1 is the most important part….Authority Figures

Being Introduced by a Partner

Your partner should position you as an expert when you are introduced to new contacts.  Whether over the phone or in person.  As this person does not yet know you, being positioned this way will make you automatically an authority figure and expert to this new contact.

  • Speaking in a Home Meeting

If you are participating in a Home Meeting presentation, the person introducing you should also build you up prior to your portion of this event.  This may be a small venue, but it is a way to quickly gain experience, and to perfect your skills in presentation.

  • Webinar

If your team or group is putting together information, training, or business briefing webinars, this is a great way to become an Authority figure.  While the attendees may not see you in person, they will hear your voice, and your name.

  • Making a Blog

You should put a lot of time, thought, and effort, into the production of a Blog which adds value to your audience.  Make sure to be consistent and research your material.  This is a tool that you can refer to as you build on your Authority Figure status.

  • Participating in a Convention or EventAuthority Figure

Once you have become comfortable with the details of your product or services, and have participated in small events (such as Home Meetings), you may be invited to participate in larger local, national, or international events.  This elevates your Authority significantly.  You are now recognized beyond your network as an Authority Figure, and can even become an International Authority Figure.

Having this status will get more doors opened for you, and people will wish to follow you due to the Trust and Confidence that you have built around your image.  

We joined the Network company that we are with in Jan. 2015, and by March we had moved up several ranks through being positioned as Authority Figures.  By working on our skills, and practicing, we were able to accomplish all of the above.  In Sept. 2015, my husband spoke at our International Convention for our Company.  That exposure has created fantastic opportunities for us.  

And if you want, you can do this too.  

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