5 Entrepreneur Options to Consider

EntrepreneurAre you considering becoming an Entrepreneur?

This is a Great Way to Take Charge and no Longer Suck it Up!!

An Entrepreneur does not accept things as they are, and they push themselves to break free of the mold made for an employee. They are willing and able to take risk for their dream.

Did you know that over 70% of Americans would love to be their own Boss?  

Maybe you want to just dip your toe in, or maybe you are ready and willing to go ALL IN and be an Entrepreneur. What do you need to know? Where do you start?

Here are a few things to consider….

1. You can buy an Existing Business.Business

You become an instant Entrepreneur. You will step into the shoes, industry, and clients. This is expensive, but has goodwill, brand recognition, and reputation already built in. This can work in your favor, or against. You can adjust the business over time to fit with your vision. But, why are the owners selling?

vending_machine2. You can buy a Franchise.

This allows you to buy brand recognition, training, goodwill, and business model from a company. You will become an instant Entrepreneur. You also get to hire your own employees, but have to work within the strict structures of the parent company. This is no longer an affordable option for most people.

3. You can Start your Own Business.Idea

This allows you to create your own vision and reputation. You will need an idea for a product or service to offer. To grow, you will need to surround yourself with a team to help with: production, marketing, payroll, shipping, online services, account payable and receivable, and other tasks required to run a business. You will be an instant Entrepreneur, but it will require time, expertise, and money to make this business known and successful as you have no goodwill or brand recognition yet.

Cost4. You can become an Investor.

Assuming that you have saved up money, you can buy into a business venture, or invest in companies that are expanding to become an instant Entrepreneur.  You can negotiate what tasks you will be responsible for, or simply be the bank.

All of these options require significant money, and with this, a lot of risk. You need the expertise to evaluate which option is the best suited to you, and they generally require your full time attention. Entrepreneur

What if there was an organization with training, quality products, marketing, system and tools, and the entry cost was a small fraction of any of the 4 options mentioned?  Where you could be open for business in a short time span and in profit in only a few days or weeks.  

Partners5. You decide to Work with a Network Marketing Company.

You become an instant Entrepreneur. But will you be a success? Like the other options, this will depend on if you do the work. The financial risk is less, due to the low entry cost. You do not need the expertise at first, and will often work with a team to train you. Another upside is that you can do this on a part-time basis while you still earn a paycheck as an employee.

With all of these options to choose from, you will need to assess what your goals are, the amount of funds you want to spend, the time you have to invest, as well as expertise in the industry you are considering.

So, are you an Entrepreneur? I am. Within 30 days I had paid for my start up costs, and was paying for my car monthly.

If you want to look into Network Marketing, I have put together information for you to consider, follow this link….

If you want to know what organization I am with, click here, and I will share this with you.