4 Steps to Develop your Marketing Plan!

Are you using the RIGHT marketing strategy and tools to get the results you want?

Having started your own company, a sales position, or gone into Network Marketing, you are now looking to share your products and opportunity.

How can I do this effectively? How do companies do this? OMG, what if I fail?

Before you get to the marketing stage, you will have already build a good foundation to your business success (Free eBook Here!).  

If you do not have a solid foundation, will you be prepared when your first client or potential partner want to help you expand?  Having a great team in your organization and a Coach, should have prepared you for this.

ListStep 1 is building your List… 

Most people start with their warm audience. People or contacts that you know already, and have a relationship with them. This may include the fact that you have influence over them.

Successful people have a written list, and are always adding to this list.  This includes the warm list, the cold list, and the new people you are meeting daily and developing relationships with.


ClassifiedStep 2 is to find Leads….

This is where you are looking for more people to add to your list from outside resources.

Some people will choose to also buy a leads list from companies online, and then make cold calls. This requires practice, and funds.  

You can also place advertisements in local newspapers, and online.  This can also require an investment of your time and money.  And your wording and placement needs to be thought out.

You can join local Networking groups, such as BNI, or other Community Connections to get to know other business people, and to have them get to know you. Talk to people that you meet in social settings such as sporting events, with the goal of starting and building a relationship.


MarketingStep 3 is where you decide what your Marketing Strategy is….

This brings me to the next subject, what is your marketing strategy?

Up until now you have not necessarily used any tools other than what has been provided for you by the company or your team. But, now you want to go further.


How you approach this is dependent on several factors:

  • What industry do you work in? (there are regulations and sometimes geographical limitations).
  • Are your products Impulse buys? (this is where people often spend only a short moment to decide to buy).
  • Do your products require education to understand their benefits? (typical in health and wellness, or higher ticket price items).
  • Who is your Target Market? (no, I do not mean everyone with a face, pulse, or skin).
  • What tools are you comfortable with? (posting ads prepared by your company, or designing your own).
  • What you know, and want to be known for? (your Brand).
  • What is your budget and willingness to learn?


LeadsMarketing is constantly changing. New Social Media tools have made it easier than ever to get your message out there. But, if you have no strategy, the long term results will be disappointing. Your goal is to make a sale, find a new partner to expand, and in general to generate more leads.


x Do you like commercials?  

x Do you like advertisement in magazines?  

x Do you throw away the leaflets put on your windshield, or in your mail?  

x Does your email account block spam?  

Companies today are taking it up a notch, are you?


Step 4 is where you need to be spending time in Trial and Error = Results.

You can be marketing yourself in many ways at the same time.  Reaching different target markets, with different products, and different messages.  All the while building relationships and trust.

fail to succeedFailing to get a response will actually help you.  So, this is a good thing.  You can now change the message, market, or tools.  Then try it again.

Companies have test groups all the time for their products and marketing.



You are working for yourself now, so, what do you do next?  Are you worth investing in?  Is your coach/mentor giving you the support and training to refine your strategy?  


I work through this with my team, and we develop individual strategies for each, because we are each unique. If you wish learn more about my organization and may want to join my team, follow this link…

My Marketing Strategies include:

 Personal Branding, and Target Marketing on Social Media.  With an Attraction Marketing Strategy, Sales funnels through my various Social Media tools, through to my Blog, my Business, and to me.  Following the above links will bring you to the overviews I share about these components in my strategy.

I have a Bachelor in Commerce, and a strong background in marketing and business strategies.  Plus over 20 years in building networks.  

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marketingI will have an eBook on Marketing Strategies available shortly that goes more in depth…

You can Take Charge of your Market, Design your own Plan, and ensure your success by having the right Strategy for you, and your Target Market.

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