4 Reasons that you are in Facebook Jail!

FacebookYou have just started a new career in: Sales, or your new Business, or maybe you are in Network Marketing, and you are excited! This is going to be Great!!

With incredible friends, and the possibility of endless new contacts, using social media to grow your business seems easy, and inexpensive.  Your partners and other people seem successful at it, so why not you? A Free way to promote your role or business!!

You even already have a personal profile, and hey, everyone is always sharing their businesses….


  • So, you logon to your profile.
  • You then start to post ads for your products provided to you by your company.
  • You put links to your business or its website.
  • You post these same pictures and links in every group you are part of.
  • You send a friend request to anyone recommended to you.
  • You send messages about your business and links via messenger to everyone.
  • Isn’t this easy you say to yourself…

This is your timeline after all.

FacebookHave you read the Terms of Service in Facebook? 

Why can’t you suddenly access your site, or post anything?

You have broken some of the most important rules to your terms of service and may not have even known it, or maybe you just did not care…

You may have become a spammer – Spam involves contacting people with unwanted content or requests. This includes sending bulk messages, excessively posting links or images to people’s Timelines and sending friend requests to people you don’t know personally.

1 – Facebook Personal Profiles are a place to post personal news.

This is a Social Media tool.  You are here to meet and grow relationships.  You can share business within your timeline, but I would recommend a 80/20 rule.  

  • 80% of your posts should be social or personal.  
  • 20% of your posts can refer to your business or company.  

You may even wish to do less. Find the perfect balance for your market and business.

FacebookIf I visit a persons profile, and only see posts about their business, I will not likely accept their friend request.  I am looking to develop a relationship with a PERSON, not their BUSINESS.

This is not to say that I would not be interested in this persons business or products, but that interest may develop over time.

In order to post about your business, you can set up:

  • a Business page,
  • Group page,
  • or Fan page.

You can also pay to advertise through your Business page to your selected target market.  In your news feed you will have seen posts which show as sponsored. These have been paid for.  Facebook likes, and wants you to do this!

2 – You did not follow the first rule, and decided to post multiple items in a row on your timeline, and in all your groups.

All of these posts were product or business related.  You used ads provided by your company, and these images may have already been tagged as spam from Google or Facebook.  Or someone may have reported your spammy behavior.

Value ContentMost of us do not like our news feed full of only company ads, we want personal touches and to learn more about you.  You also wish to Add Value to your audience, and be so much more than just another ad or only your business.

Think before you post!!


If you are liked, then people may follow your recommendations. This is a good thing as you are more than the items placed at the check out counter in line at Walmart.

**Individuality and a Personality will earn you a reputation and sales.

3 – People are not accepting your friend requests.

Social NetworkYou sent friend requests to all of the people recommended to you, even when you have no personal connections.  The goal being to grow the number of eyes, or people who will see your posts.  In the hope of attracting a new potential client.  

More is better, right?

These requests may have gone unanswered, or someone may have reported that they did not know you, or that your request is spammy.

**If you are perceived as someone with a similar interest, or a great person to add value and get to know, then more people will accept your friend requests.

4 –  Sending a more detailed ad, or business introduction to your new friends via messenger seems like a great way to not be spammy…

If your information was not requested by the receiver, then this assumption is FALSE.

FacebookWhile this does not appear in your timeline, it is still a behavior that is against the Terms of Service.  The receiver can block you and report you for this.  

Messenger is a way to build a relationship with certain people off your timeline.  Your long term goal may be to attract them to your offer, or business.  However you will be more successful in finding and attracting the right people if you get to know these social media friends first.

FacebookMultiple infractions of any of these behaviors will negatively affect your reputation, and most likely land you in Facebook Jail.


So, if there are so many rules to follow, how can you grow your business successfully using Facebook?

Follow this link to my blog 7 Tips for Business Success while Staying out of Facebook Jail.

Social Networking

Social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Google+, Periscope, and so many more provide amazing ways to create new leads, and develop relationships, as well as authority in your market.  Taking the time to work with your message and these tools will yield long term success.

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