3 Steps to Setting Successful Goals!

Have you already mapped out your Goals for this coming year?  I know that I have.

In fact, when I joined the organization that I am working with, I set my Goals on day 1.

Do you leave the house without a destination in mind?Goal

What about the planning involved?:

  • the route,
  • the gas or transportation,
  • the traffic and weather, 
  • a map.  


1. The purpose of your Goal is to set an objective for you to work towards.  Without this destination, the path to success will be far more difficult than it has to be.

Now, it does not really matter what this first Goal is, but it should be something you can quantify.

  • Weight LossThis could be a specific position or level in your organization.
  • It could be a specific body weight.
  • It could be a specific income per month.
  • Everyone has their own goals.


2. You will then want to plot out, and write down the steps that will help you to obtain this Goal.  Write it Down

Let us say that your Goal is to make 300$ per month.  And that you wish to do this obtaining clients:

  • Let us then say that the average client consumes 2 products a month, 
  • this results in income of about 33$ per month each.  
  • If you were to go out and find 11 clients, you would have achieved this Goal.
  • Maybe you decide to find 5 clients per month,
  • and create a list of people you will speak to with the goal of finding these 11 clients.  
  • It will take you just over 2 months, and you will then have achieved your first goal.
  • If you keep finding 5 clients per month, you will quickly achieve more than just this first Goal.

This is not likely your end Goal.  It is simply the first of many, many Goals that you will set for yourself.  


3. Once your Goal, and steps are written down, you need to commit to actually doing the activities that you have set. This is a challenge for many people due to fear. Fear of not obtaining their goal. Fear of rejection.  

MentorSo, you need to take the time to go through your training, and to find a coach to help you to practice what you are learning. This mentor or coach will be someone you share your Goals with, and may be someone you speak to daily or weekly. They do not have to be your upline, workout partner, or boss. It should be someone you look up to, and will be able to have influence over you. They will be the ones to follow up with you and will keep you honest about whether or not you are doing the activities you set down on paper.

These Goals may change due to life circumstances, and need to be rerouted. But they are essential to growing, and to helping you to achieve your destination, SUCCESS!

Within 60 days we had achieved our first goal, and within 120 days our second.  We even achieved goals we did no know that we had a year ago, within 9 months.  

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