3 Reasons Blogging might be for You?

Each of Us has an Interesting Story, and useful tips that we could easily share, but do you want to share this with an audience?

BloggingObviously I have decided to blog. I benefit from this by making new connections internationally.  I love my subscribers, and am a self admitted geek for information.  So, blogging supports my love of research, my marketing approach for my business, as well as my coaching.  I am also learning about the other benefits that Blogging has in my life.  From personal development, confidence, improved coaching skills, improving my marketing approach, and the financial benefits.


Health Benefits

HealthI recently read a Blog about the Health benefits of sharing through a blog, as it relates to reducing stress and more, by Jessica Wapner – from Scientific America. I will heartily agree that writing my husbands story made me cry, and sharing about myself has been a totally new, yet empowering process.  

Personal Development

GrowthI admit that I love the article written by Joshua Becker titled- 15 Reasons I Think You Should Blog.  

In it he talks about the personal benefits beyond just growing your business. His 15 reasons really connect with me.

I agree that Blogging has given me a different perspective as I live my life, and look for inspiration.  

I think I only disagree on number 10, as the free blogging route leaves you open to hackers, and sites that go down due to no technical support.  

HostgatorBut, even he admits to spending money with Bluehost, I use Hostgator, but both are reputable Web Hosting platforms which support WordPress, have technical support and tools, and offer Domain Names for minimal monthly costs.

Business Benefits

MarketingBlogging helps your business marketing plan in so many ways.  In fact it is one of the most powerful tools that you can use outside of a physical relationship to build trust, authority, and offer a buying option to your audience, rather than a sales pitchy approach.

Blogging will help drive more traffic to your website as people will click through to learn more about your tips and recommendations.  So, quality value added content is key, as is knowing your target market. Carefully selecting your topics, words, and positioning of your posts.  

LeadsThis traffic produces leads, which may convert to buyers at some point.  Who does not like leads that come from people who like what you have to say, and are already getting to know you?  

When you blog for business, there is always a reason, or action that you want your audience to take.  So, you need to make these options clear.

Blogging is an important part of my overall Branding and Marketing strategy.  

Common goals for Personal and Business Blogs

Value ContentIf your audience likes your content, you want them to share, and comment on your blog.  Why? Well because this makes you more interesting to Google, Facebook, or other Social media.  In return this means more audience members will see your page. 

Your goals may include having people subscribe to receiving a weekly email with a link to your blog.   Why?  Because they may eventually buy something from you, or follow your recommendation, and honestly, most of us like to be liked.

OnlineIn either case, you need to post consistently, with quality content, and share these posts in the right places.  There is a cost of time, research, and money. Plus a fair bit of trial and error. But the long term benefits will help you with your Health, Personal Development, and Business.  

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