13 Amazing Chores a Small Protein Molecule in your Cells Does!

This small protein molecule and what it does in your body changed My Life, that of My Family, and so Many More…

In fact, at this time, in an online Database of Globally Published Scientific Research, this molecule is in over 126,000 of those studies as of the Spring 2016. Vitamin C is in only about 45,000. This molecule was discovered in 1888. 

LoriI am a Banker, a Mom, and a Networking Professional. Science was something that interested me, but until 2007, I thought I knew all I needed to know. I assumed that getting older, more tired, and eventually developing an illness was just par for the course. That I could help by exercising, and eating right. I had been a competitive swimmer, and had a fairly good routine. My family did many things right.

What I did not know was that as I was living my life, stresses, and as my body defended and repaired itself, I was depleting a critical molecule. Making me vulnerable to illness, and so many other things. That even with vitamins and organic foods, the ingredients that my cells needed were not in large enough supply.


Why did I look?

FamilyWhy did this change in 2007? Well, at 33, and with a 7 week old, I had to bring my husband to the hospital with symptoms. He did not come home for 7 months (See his Story HERE).

So, I decided to learn more. I needed to understand his challenges and what was going on in his body.  

This in turn led me to learning about or cells, and systems. Looking for a domino which contributed. This is when I learned about Functional Medicine, and to many new and interesting things.


What did I learn?

So, what are these things that this 1 small protein molecule does?

Cells1 – it is created naturally in your own cells, when they have the ingredients.

2 – this helps to maintain your energy levels.

3 – this recycles itself, as well as vitamins you have taken, and neutralizes free radicals.


5 – balances your immune system (an auto-immune disease is an immune system out of control, this molecule is the general to that army, and it takes back control).

Low levels6 – reduces Oxidative Stress ( linked to over 74 families of known serious illnesses when this level of Oxidative Stress is too high, including cognitive function).

7 – improves mental focus and clarity.

8 – improves your quality of sleep (crucial for your body to repair itself, and to be able to function fully).

9 – reduces cellular inflammation (another contributory factor in illness and disease).

10 – detoxifies and protects your liver and cells (critical as this is your bodies main filtration system, and it accumulates so many toxins from your environment).

11 – improves athletic performance and recovery (as it improves your energy, reduction of lactic acid, and muscle repair).

12 – slows down the aging process and improves the quality of the skin.

13 – reduces the effects of stress on your body.


CellsThis protein molecule is everywhere in your body, but its highest levels are in the Brain, Eyes, Liver, and Skin.  Our environment today, lifestyle, and food, contribute to our bodies using this molecule. In fact it is responsible for 250 chores, but here I touch on just 13.

In the 1980’s we did not worry about skin cancer. So, we put on baby oil, and sat outside in the sun to get a tan. We also did not typically wear seat belts. We have learned more now, and take new steps.

As research continues to make new discoveries about the body and its cells, we will continue to improve our chances of living a better quality of life.  

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) studies of our various countries shows a consistent Health Adjusted Life Expectancy (H.A.L.E.), this is how long we will live for, and how will our quality of life be.  In North America, a woman born today will live approx. 84 years.   But on average will develop a chronic illness which will affect her quality of life as of 72.  So, will live for 11 – 12 years with a reduced quality of life.  

What if something you did now could positively affect this?

What if some of the challenges you, or your loved ones deal with could be improved if you were to increase the level of this protein molecule in your cells?  

Would you do something about it?

I am. We are.

If you wish to learn more about this protein molecule, such as its name, and the most effective way to help your own cells produce more, click here….


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